The kids are back in school which means that lunches, laundry and schoolwork are back in full swing at home. As schedules get busier, it helps to have a home that is designed around your family’s needs. The experts at Drees Homes have designed their floor plans with savvy solutions for making homework time simpler, assembling lunches a breeze, keeping laundry and schedules in order, and getting the kids out the door just a little bit less of a chore.


The family foyer is the organizational hub of the home. It is the perfect spot to hang your calendars and white boards to keep everyone’s schedule straight. The bench and hooks adjacent to the door mean that backpacks and jackets will no longer be strewn across the floor. Cabinets provide countless opportunities for storage, and ample counter space makes it easy to organize supplies coming in and out, keeping clutter away from your interior living quarters.


Perfect for middle schoolers, high schoolers (and for parents, let’s be honest), studies are typically secluded from other spaces in the home. Whether you prefer sophisticated or minimal design, there’s one thing that is common across the study: These spaces optimize focus and eliminate distractions. The study has always held its own in home design, but demand has skyrocketed in recent years.


Don’t want to devote a whole room to a study? No problem – there are pocket offices for that! These spaces are perfect for multitaskers. Pocket offices allow parents to help the little ones with schoolwork while keeping a pulse on the rest of the home, so you can do dinner and multiplication tables at the same time. Pocket offices, which are usually adjacent to the kitchen, weave in a lot of functionality in just a little pocket of space, making them the unsung hero of homework time.


Fun and relaxation are usually the first things that come to mind when we think of game rooms, but these rooms can also serve as functional workspaces. Although not as private as a study, game rooms are so versatile they can be designed as the ultimate schoolwork station, with lounge chairs and couches so kids can get comfortable while they do their homework. This spot in the home is ideal for families who have more than one school-aged child and is the perfect place to inspire creativity and collaboration.


This multi-functional space typically includes a laundry area, work surface and family foyer style drop zone, but you can add a designated spot for crafts, a pocket office, a sink and refrigerator to make lunches in a flash, even a dog washing station. The options for this must-have space are virtually endless!

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