by Suzanne Huntzinger

Each year, over a million skilled trade jobs go unfilled, dealing the home building and home improvement industries a crippling blow.

Not willing to go down without a fight, leaders from some of Central Indiana’s best home improvement businesses meet bi-monthly as part of Home Artisans of Indiana. Members in the group support each other by leveraging their relationships, experience and expertise to find solutions for the industry’s challenges. For over a decade, members of Home Artisans of Indiana have earned a reputation for their commitment to superior quality, value and outstanding customer service.

Exchanging ideas for industry growth and success is at the heart of what they do, and to that end, they make it their mission to address workforce development strategies like recruiting quality talent, providing a streamlined hiring process, developing a successful on-boarding program, and conducting effective training. “Nothing is more important and needed in the construction industry than a strong workforce,” says Paul Carroll of Wooten Hoy Law, who spearheaded the initiative.

Home Artisans of Indiana has taken a leap forward in 2022 towards achieving their goals by establishing an Academic Scholarship. The scholarship is aimed at high school students pursuing trade programs like architecture, construction management, carpentry, electrical, HVAC and more. The scholarship goes toward membership in the Fishers Maker Playground, where students can learn the tools and skills they need for a successful career in the trades. “The Maker Playground is a first-class facility in the Hub & Spoke building, providing scholarship recipients with the skills and equipment they need to advance their careers,” says Carroll, Students not only have access to an array of tools including 3D printers, a wood lathe, router, drill press, table saw, and so much more, they also receive a membership to Home Artisans of Indiana. “Membership gives students access to top professionals allowing them to learn from the very best in the industry.”

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