by Tracy Kemp

We love our pets, don’t we? And who doesn’t love a warm, cozy fire in the hearth during winter?

Despite our love for these things, they could be contributing to poor air quality inside our homes. And other things we don’t love might also be hurting the air we breathe inside our homes like seen or unseen household pests (think dust mites) and the oppressive humidity many of us have to deal with here in Indiana.

The team at Homesense Heating and Cooling say plenty of other factors could be at play against our indoor air quality. They say things like poor ventilation, cigarette smoke, and even seemingly harmless air fresheners could all be dirtying our air.

We know the air quality outside isn’t always great; it’s in the news often enough, but we assume when we enter our homes, it’s all good. But how do we know?

Some signs of health conditions related to poor indoor air quality can arise after we build or remodel our homes, or use pesticides. These signs might be headaches, skin irritation, sinus issues, or nausea.

We can also think about how we live day-to-day. Are we smokers or vapers? Do we dust regularly? Do we use air fresheners or light candles often? Could we benefit from an air purifier or a dehumidifier? The only way to know any of this for sure is to ask an expert.

Homesense, experts in indoor air quality, offers a multitude of ways to test your home and an even greater array of possible solutions. From cleaning out your air vents to servicing your HVAC system, Homesense will let you know how clean your air is, and if needed, how to get it cleaner. And clogged vents or ill-working HVAC systems are no doubt working harder than they have to which means you’re likely paying more for your utilities than you should be.

So do we want to get to keep our pets and have our cozy winter fires? Yes, we do. So let Homesense Heating and Cooling ensure we can.