Think about your career and the types of words you would use to describe it. Fast-paced? Dynamic? Ever-changing? Evolving? Challenging? You need a work space that can keep up with you. A coworking environment can empower you to get the creative juices flowing, to get your brain cells firing, and to get more done – and done more effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Hub & Spoke’s Coworking Environment

How can the Hub & Spoke innovative coworking environment and event hosting space help you meet your career- and business-building goals?


A sense of loneliness and isolation has a direct correlation to lower levels of job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and, ultimately, retention.

Hub & Spoke offers a synergistic, creative environment that allows you to connect and collaborate. You are surrounded by other innovative minds, and you can tap into this energy to help fuel your own drive and ambition.


On a practical, nuts-and-bolts level, Hub & Spoke’s coworking environment offers everything you need to maximize productivity and connectivity. Your membership allows you to access:

  • Dedicated, lockable offices
  • Open work spaces
  • Conference room and collaboration space
  • High speed internet
  • Networking events
  • A Fishers mailing address and onsite mailbox
  • Discounted Makerspace membership It’s all here.

It’s all here. It’s all accessible. It’s all about how you work best.


When you don’t have the right space it is difficult to host a “must be there” event for employees, customers/clients, investors, potential partners, collaborators, and other stakeholders in your business.

Hub & Spoke delivers a striking environment with the amenities you need for a successful event. The unique, contemporary venue combines an airy, open art-gallery-style space with an outdoor area along Fishers’ famed Nickel Plate Trail. With stunning views (inside and out) guests will eagerly await your invitation.


As a member of Hub & Spoke’s coworking environment, you can access the spaces you need to work effectively and efficiently. You also access the connections, the minds, the innovation, and the joy you need to thrive.

Contact Stephanie Decker via email or at (317) 975-0305 to learn more about our coworking environment.