by Suzanne Huntzinger

Garage floor coating is no longer considered a luxury. It’s becoming the standard for new construction and home improvement, and Indy Floor Coating has it covered, installing thousands of garage floors in the Indianapolis area since 2008.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, bringing Indy Floor Coating an over 200 percent increase in sales over the past five years. Aesthetically, they are beautiful floors that welcome you home to a great looking space. “Since most of us exit and enter our homes exclusively through the garage each day, a finished garage floor makes it feel good to come home,” Susan Knight of Indy Floor Coating says.

Having an attractive looking garage isn’t the only reason homeowners want their garage floor resurfaced. The most important purpose is for the protection it provides. Coating new concrete eliminates the inevitable wear and tear and cracking of an unprotected floor, and it restores and refreshes existing damaged concrete. “The coatings strengthen the concrete, prevent pitting, spalling and cracking that occur with age and winter road salt, Knight says, “It also eliminates concrete dust that can occur over time, leaving you with a much cleaner space. Plus, lighter colors on the floor brighten a dark area.”

Indy Floor Coating uses the strongest, superior quality coatings with signature flake blends to create exceptionally durable and beautiful floors. The coatings are scratch resistant, non-staining, chemical resistant, and easy to clean with minimal maintenance, making stained, dirty, cracked floors a thing of the past. They also offer the best UV stability, so your garage floor won’t yellow or fade.

Make plans to protect and beautify your garage today. Contact Indy Floor Coating at (317) 430-0851 or visit for more details.