by Suzanne Huntzinger

Fall is here, and with changing leaves and cooler temperatures comes the time to prepare your home for winter. Many HVAC companies offer routine cold-weather maintenance packages, but do you know what should be included?

Henry Nichols, Engineering and Sales Professional with Johnson-Melloh recommends that before cold weather hits, have one of their professionals do the following on one of the most important machines in your house; the furnace:

FILTERS: Ensure the filters are clean and perform a general cleaning of the furnace cabinet.

HEAT EXCHANGER: Check that the furnace heat exchanger is clean and free of cracks or leaks. • FAN: Ensure the fan is generating proper air flow.

FAN: Ensure the fan is generating proper air flow.

BOILER SYSTEM LEAKS: If a boiler system is in use, ensure the system is free from leaks.

• ANTIFREEZE CONCENTRATION: If antifreeze is in use, make sure the concentration level is high enough to withstand cold weather without freezing.

CONTROLS: Check that all controls are functioning properly, and that the correct pumps, valves or dampers operate when the thermostat tells them to run.

INSPECTION: If anything needs to be replaced or requires a greater level of attention, Johnson-Melloh techs try to find it before the cold season starts.

Performing this maintenance and cleaning on the furnace is one of the most important preemptive actions you can take. Nichols says, “Most catastrophic or emergency failures happen because the small problems are ignored. Dirty equipment causes the unit to function inefficiently and fail prematurely. Have routine, simple maintenance performed including general housekeeping to ensure that the components are clean, visually free of defects and operating efficiently.”

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