by Shari Held

Thinking about building a custom home? The person you’ll want to consult first – even prior to selecting your builder – is your Realtor®.

“The very first thing I do is locate lots and land where clients can actually build,” says Laura Turner, Broker/Owner of Laura Turner Realty Group with FC Tucker.

Realtors have up-to-date information on available and soon-to-become available lots. They often know of land that isn’t listed that the owners might be interested in subdividing and selling.

Some neighborhoods, such as Chatham Hills, allow only specific builders. And some custom home builders specialize in certain styles. Realtors can refer clients to builders that specialize in the style of home they want. After working with many custom home builders, Turner can suggest one that will also be a good fit for a client’s personality. She says it’s almost like “matchmaking.”


Prior to working in real estate, Turner worked for a builder, assisting in the design process. She provides basic design consultations and has a professional designer on staff.

“While most custom builders have designers on staff, it helps to have a third party – especially one that can provide input on designs that are good, or not so good, for resale,” Turner says.

Finally, a Realtor can represent an out-of-town homeowner, checking in with the builder and managing the home-building process.

When you have a Realtor in your corner, you’re one step ahead of other potential custom home owners!

Talk to Laura today if you’re considering building a custom home. Visit her website at, or call (317) 363-0842 for more information.