by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Graham Photography

They say that everything old is new again. In the case of Sigma Builders, what’s new feels old in the sense of ample experience. Although the company launched in 2016, which from a custom builder perspective is relatively new, they are in no way green.

“My partner had more than 30 years of home building experience, and my husband was an entrepreneur in real estate, having run a consulting company,” says Kimberly Wang, Partner & Financial Officer at Sigma Builders, who previously worked for 19 years in IT management at Eli Lily.

“We use the IT knowledge and innovation experience to bring something new to the market,” says Wang. “We want customers to have the home they love to meet both functionality and the flair that they want.”

She’s proud of the diverse staff they have assembled. For instance, one of their salespeople has a master’s degree in social work, which means she’s great at reading people’s emotions and understanding what makes someone uncomfortable. As a result, she brings a unique dynamic to the team.

Named #1 custom home builder by Home Builder Digest, Sigma Builders has got one of the top construction teams in the Indianapolis area, with project managers who have 20, 30, and 40 years of experience. That experience is crucial during times of turmoil such as when the pandemic wreaked havoc on the supply chain.

“That’s where the experience comes in because you’ve got to be able to adapt when things happen,” says Wang. “Our staff problem solves and has figured out how to keep things moving while still producing quality in harsh times.”

McComb Pella is a key provider for Sigma Builders as they provide most of their windows and doors.

“They’re a good partner because they’ll say, ‘Here’s an alternative to doing this that won’t break your client’s bank,’” says Wang. “They bring different ideas as well as newer innovative products that elevate the level of a home.”

From a service perspective, Wang maintains that McComb has been extremely good to work with.

“When ordering the windows, we get exactly what the clients want that fits their budget,” says Wang. “Then once the windows arrive, they maintain not only a standard of excellence but also honor all warranties.”

Sigma Builders uses the Pella Lifestyle series for almost all of their windows except when a project doesn’t have a standard window. In those instances, Pella creates custom windows as accent pieces within these custom homes.

“We’ve done that where a home has a cathedral type ceiling and we need triangle windows that are a certain size,” says Wang. “Pella works with us to get those designed and built.”

Pella’s products will be on display in this year’s Home-A-Rama, which will be in Chatham Hills, located in Westfield, Indiana. The contracted custom home Sigma Builders is including in this year’s HAR is American traditional with a breathtaking door that is essentially a wall of glass.

“When you push it back, it disappears and the outside is inside and the inside is outside,” says Wang. This door is just one example of the level of quality that is synonymous with Pella products and their stellar team.

In addition to designing custom homes for clients, Sigma Builders also tries to keep spec homes readily available as they know that not everyone has the time to design and build a custom home. Currently, they are building spec homes in Chatham Hills in Westfield, Jackson’s Grant in Carmel, Holliday Farms in Zionsville, and, ultimately, the Promontory of Zionsville.