by Shari Held

You may not have thought much beyond selecting a natural stone for your countertop project, but that’s just the beginning. You should also consider the finish for your granite, quartzite, marble, or other stone. Three of the most popular finishes for natural stone are polished, honed and leathered. Which is right for your next project?

A polished finish enhances a stone’s color and brings out its true character. The mirror-like finish it produces is elegant and luxurious. This finish is less porous than the others, making the surface smooth, hygienic, and easy to maintain. It’s a classic finish that will endure across design trends.

A honed finish provides a softer, satiny finish that isn’t as reflective and glossy as the polished finish. This toned-down finish gives a more subtle and refined appearance, perfect for a more natural and relaxed style.

The leathered or antique finish is the least glossy finish, but that doesn’t mean it packs less of a design punch. Currently, it’s the most popular of the three. The leathering process enhances the stone’s natural characteristics, and it can be very tactile or smooth depending on the stone. It blends nicely with an old world or rustic theme.

“The finish you select will give the natural stone a totally different look and feel,” says Kathleen Cannon, Senior Account Representative for Mont Surfaces. “We know it’s going to be in your home for a long time, so we want to educate you on the front end about how your stone will look with the finish you choose and whether it’s a good fit with your project.”

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