The kitchen sink is command central for many tasks and chores, as well as a natural focal point for this space. Choosing the right sink material allows you to achieve optimal results not only in terms of functionality and durability but of style and personality.


When it comes to sink materials, navigating the myriad of options out there can be… well, draining. Here’s a quick guide to Northstar Surfaces’ top choices:

Stainless Steel

Think about it: virtually every home you’ve ever been in has a stainless steel sink! There’s a good reason for that. This material is highly durable (look for a 16-to18-gauge steel), easy to clean and maintain, comes in at a lower price point compared to some other options, and it delivers a smooth, contemporary look that is versatile enough to suit any number of decors.

There are some drawbacks to consider though. If you drop something, you’ll know it (they can be quite loud), and they are more susceptible to scratching. And then there’s the lack of variety: stainless is stainless. If you want something that isn’t found in every other house on the block, then you may want to consider a different option – though opting for an undermount style will create an elevated aesthetic.


Think of fireclay as an update to the traditional cast iron enamel that were popular throughout the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries (and still are in many designs). Molded from white clay infused with glaze, which is heated to extremely high temperatures, fireclay is more resistant to scratching and staining than cast iron and is ultra-easy to clean. They are exceptionally durable and make a fantastic material for apron, undermount, and farmhouse sinks. This is a look that will last.

Be aware that fireclay is heavy; you will need reinforced cabinetry and countertops to bear the weight. Color selection is also limited: you’re typically looking at white and off white – but bold black and blue are also available.


There are pros and cons to every choice – when it comes to sinks and to life! Northstar Surfaces is here to help you navigate your options and make a decision that you’ll love to live with for years to come. Visit to learn more.