by Suzanne Huntzinger | photos by Lauren Wickliff

With demand for existing homes far exceeding the supply, building a new home can be an excellent alternative solution. But building a new home can introduce a whole host of new challenges.

“Most people are under the impression that since you’re building a brand-new house that everything is going to be perfect from the get-go, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Zach Syrus of the Sears and Syrus Realty Team at Compass Realty says, “Builders are human and make mistakes too.”

The builder’s process doesn’t contain the numerous vital checkpoints you’ll have when you use a Sears and Syrus team member. “Without us, you’re at the mercy of a builder’s process,” Lindsay Sears says, “It helps to have another set of eyes on your project, and we’re with you through every step of it.”

Having the experts at the Sears and Syrus Team as your liaison simplifies the often-times complicated process and alleviates the stress. Their experts have decades of experience in the home building arena. They’ve built relationships with premier custom home builders and the finest semi-custom home national builders. They’ll be right by your side when you choose a builder, a lot, and they’ll help you with personal interior design choices that make sense to you, your family, and your budget.

Real Estate agent Rod Sears draws upon his experience in realty and home building. “I’ve personally worn the tool belt and pushed the pencil for 35 years and built over 500 custom homes in my career,” he says, “I know what to look for.”

When unforeseen issues arise during the process like unfinished work that an inspector caught, you need an advocate. “It’s so important to have someone in your corner who knows the process and knows what to look for,” Zach says, “We can spot those issues and point them out to the client to make sure things are done right and keep the project timeline on track.”

When you’re ready to build, consult the pros of the Sears and Syrus team at Compass Realty. Visit, or call (317) 527-1644.