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Have you been dreaming of an outdoor retreat for your backyard? Maybe you’ve delayed adding a solid roof over your deck or patio because you were concerned about permanently darkening your home? Imagine being able to regulate the amount of shade on your deck or patio at the touch of a button and never worrying about rain ruining your outdoor entertaining plans. All while maintaining the natural light in your home.

LouveRoof Luxury Pergolas are maintenance free, operable pergolas designed to give you protection from rain and sun using rotating, interlocking louvers. The product was developed and is manufactured by the Elmore family who live and work in Noblesville. In 2010, lifelong builder Scott Elmore and his wife Stacy started SEE Home Improvements, a contracting company primarily focused on outdoor living. As their business grew, they became passionate about their mission to give customers shade, sun, or rain protection whenever they wanted it. With that in mind, they began developing their own motorized adjustable pergola under the trademarked brand LouveRoof.


The goal during the development of the product was to take all the best ideas of the existing louvered pergola industry and combine them into one product. The louver design uses a dual wall to create a dead air insulation space inside the louver, much like a dual pane glass window. This means that unlike traditional single wall louvered systems, the sun’s heat doesn’t radiate through the louvers to heat up the space underneath.

Scott and Stacy’s sons Harrison and Brendan also joined the family business at the beginning of the product development of LouveRoof. They brought with them ideas for greater efficiency and customer service as well as talents for engineering and software development that have proven invaluable for the growth of the company and the LouveRoof product.

LouveRoof has several industry firsts. One of the most important product innovations is the self-lubricating composite end cap which is exclusive to LouveRoof. This was developed to eliminate the metal-on-metal squeaking common to other units on the market. With typical systems, after a year or two of wear, the aluminum or stainless-steel axles would start squeaking in the aluminum tracks once they had accumulated dust or dirt. Other products required lubrication to rid this complaint, which quickly wore off in rain and snow. LouveRoof’s answer is a glass fiber-reinforced polymer end cap designed in collaboration with a local injection molding company. This self-lubricating end cap and axle assembly is strong enough to handle the same snow load as your house roof yet still rotates silently. Because of the end cap strength, the LouveRoof can be closed, and snow and ice can accumulate on the top all winter long without a worry.


LouveRoof also has exclusive trim details not available on any other motorized pergola. You can customize the look to compliment your home’s architecture by including trim options such as traditional crown molding or contemporary crown molding. You can also choose base trim to provide a finished look to the structural posts for added elegance instead of having to look at exposed anchor bolts. No other system in the world provides this flexibility.

The product is designed, built, and manufactured in the USA. The Elmore family is constantly making improvements to the product to improve performance and ease of installation. With the best powder coat rating in the industry, fasteners designed for salt air, and aircraft quality aluminum extrusion grades, the LouveRoof seemingly has little room for improvement, but the family continues to lead innovation in the North American louvered roof industry.

When asked why LouveRoof was so popular Scott Elmore said “LouveRoof is the most innovative pergola system in the world with features our customers can’t find in any other product. Add to that the fact that adjustable pergolas are the hottest home improvement product in a generation, and you can see why we’re experiencing explosive growth”.

One of biggest concern customers have is installation complexity. Trusting a contractor, regardless of their online reviews is a challenging prospect for many homeowners, so the development team is currently refining the LouveRoof product. The goal of this process is not to shave cost, but to make the installation foolproof. By making the installation process easy to understand and perform the LouveRoof team ensures excellence in appearance and performance for each customer while also customizing the product for the end users’ home.

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