by Shari Held

Looking for a way to create a wow factor in your home? Natural stone, quartz, or porcelain are all great options for creating a stunning focal point.

“There are many features for each material that can draw the eye,” says Kaelyn Van Camp, Marketing Manager for Stone Mart, a wholesale supplier of natural stone and engineered materials. “A show-stopping natural stone may have beautiful movement, a lot of character, or huge chunks of minerals, while a jaw-dropping quartz or porcelain may have interesting veins, unique textures, or vibrant color combinations.”


Imagine seating your guests around a dining room tabletop made from backlit amethyst stone. It’s easy to create a striking, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture when you order a tabletop made to size using a selection from Stone Mart’s Allure Collection.

Stone Mart also carries hand-selected, rare pieces of granite, quartzite, marble, and dolomite, as well as unique pieces of mineral quartz or agate, in their Galleria of Stone Jewels.

While natural stone is beautiful, other materials can also create a stunning showpiece. Use nonporous engineered quartz with a dramatic veined pattern or a shimmering white for a kitchen island. Porcelain is thinner and lighter than natural stone, making it perfect for backsplashes and coffee tables. It mimics the beauty of marble without the maintenance, and its resistance to ultraviolet light makes it perfect for outdoor kitchens.

“When choosing between materials, think about which material will align best with your lifestyle and your home’s style,” Van Camp says.

Natural stone and porcelain are heat resistant, so they’re an ideal choice for fireplaces, another popular place for family and friends to hang out. Use book-matched slabs for a striking continuous pattern effect. It’s especially eye-catching on tall fireplaces.

“It’s great to sit around a centerpiece with the people you love,” Van Camp says. “It can help make the time spent there even more memorable.”

Talk to your fabricator or contractor about visiting the experts at Stone Mart to find the perfect material for your project, and start at Stone Mart today!