by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Building a custom home can be a miserable experience if you are saddled with contractors who exhibit poor communication and/or a lack of knowledge. That’s why at Firm Foundation, they go above and beyond to cement a positive experience for all involved, and that starts with the first shovel of dirt.

“When we go to dig a basement, we’ll bring the family out and let them jump into the excavator and pull out a scoop of dirt so that they get to be involved and a part of the process,” says Jeremy Fish, owner of Firm Foundation of Indiana. “We let them enjoy the experience of building the foundation of their home so that it’s something they’ll always remember. We want it to be a fun family project.”

Working as a family runs deep at Firm Foundation. Jeremy was introduced to the world of construction through his grandfather, who worked in the stone quarry and did some concrete work. In 1994, Jeremy, his dad, and his brother-in-law started an Indianapolis-based foundation company called Fish & Sons. In 1996, Jeremy changed the name to Firm Foundation of Indiana, Inc. Once his sons, Seth and Shane, were grown they joined the business, along with Jeremy’s son-in-law, Andrew.

“We provide quality foundations for those in the Indy area,” says Jeremy, who is proud of his trusted team of 40 employees. “We consider all of our guys family. We are out here to serve the community and serve the builders to the best of our ability, offering our clients a quality foundation and future homeowners a quality building experience that they enjoy.”

Their company’s tagline is Firm Foundations: Building for Eternity because that is their goal – to provide a solid foundation that will last. The chosen words also are a nod to the family’s firm faith.

“We are a faith-based company. We want it to be a good example of Christ’s love and shed the light of Christ in the community,” says Jeremy. “We want to allow people to see that there is a better way of life.”

Jeremy and his team recently poured the foundation for the Sigma Builders’ Home-A-Rama (HAR) house, which was featured this year in Chatham Hills of Westfield.

“Sigma is one of our quality homebuilders that we work with regularly,” says Jeremy. “We love working with Sigma Builders because they are a personal company that cares about, and works well with, their vendors.”

If you are in search of an expert company to lay your home’s foundation, call Firm Foundation today or visit, and prepare to play in the dirt!