by Christy Heitger-Ewing

“Dare to dream.” It’s a mantra we’ve heard ever since we were young, and it encourages us to think big, bold, and way outside the box. Sometimes that’s easier said than done because as we go through life, we find that there are limitations. We also learn, however, that when you bring together a creative thinker and a problem solver, amazing things can happen. Anyone who has ever worked with Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes, knows this to be true. Garcia invites his clients to share their dreams with him. He, in turn, uses his seasoned knowledge, ample skill set, and talented team of contractors to make those dreams a reality.

“Every homeowner comes in with a dream of what they want in their house,” says Garcia. “Sometimes that might be a simple dream of just wanting a nice house, but then we have homeowners with more elaborate dreams.”

For instance, one set of his clients was huge into decorating for every holiday – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, you name it. As a result, they wanted extra storage space to hold all of their decorations. The clients’ property included a 3-car garage with a finished basement beneath as well as a 2-car garage. Garcia thought, “Why not utilize the space beneath the 2-car garage by creating a huge storage area?”

Garcia worked with through the logistics with Custom Concrete. To make this dream a reality, they had to fully excavate out the garage.

“You’ve got to have StresCore panels that hold the weight of the vehicles,” says Garcia. “So, you put those down, then put the normal concrete over it and when you’re in the basement itself underneath that space, it’s a concrete shell all the way around, making it an ideal severe storm/tornado shelter.”

Another client told Garcia that they would like to install an elevator in their house so that they could age in place. The couple was still active and in fine shape, but they recognized that at some point they may get to a place, physically, where they couldn’t navigate stairs; an elevator would enable them the means to access every floor. They had no interest in moving into a one-level house because they wanted a home with plenty of space for their grandkids to visit and play.

Not only did Garcia design an in-house elevator but he also
planned ahead by designing 3 ft. wide hallways and doorways to accommodate wheelchairs just in case that need presented itself down the line.

This same couple purchased two lots because they also dreamt of building an inviting outdoor space where all of their kids and grandkids could congregate. Therefore, Garcia created an outdoor oasis, complete with a pool, a pond (which they dug), and a gazebo overlooking the

“We can accomplish anything,” says Garcia. “If you can dream it, we can do it. We will make your dreams a reality.”

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