by Katie Mientka | photos by 360 Tour Designs

A house is a structure: foundation, walls, roof. A home is created when architectural and design elements work seamlessly together to facilitate a lifestyle, to evoke feelings of security, and to set the scene for lifelong memories. Indianapolis’ own Dealers Wholesale is there to ensure that home is where the hearth is: “Anything that provides warmth, comfort and security… is what we’re focused on providing.”


Specializing in wood, gas, and electric fireplaces, fireplace mantles, fireplace doors, frames, access control, hardware, and fire features (e.g. fire pits), Dealers Wholesale’s handiwork can be seen in five of the six homes featured at this year’s Home-A-Rama. Brandon Gentry, Dealers Wholesale General Manager, Residential Division, says, “We’re a resource for the builder. It’s difficult for them to be on top of every product category for every material that goes into a house. They have to rely on experts who understand the latest trends, who access the best materials, and who deliver the quality of installation necessary to ensure everything is working right and safely.”


In the European Traditional home by Scott Campbell Custom Homes, for example, the builder specified a wood burning fireplace but wanted the convenience of gas logs. The pièce de résistance is, perhaps surprisingly, the chimney shrouds. Brandon says, “We have the ability to match virtually any metal roof color, and we have different styles to complement the design of the home. The shrouds show that level of detail, tying all the aspects of this home together.”

It’s a point that many builders overlook – or underestimate. “Sometimes when people look at a detail like this, they don’t know exactly what sets it apart. We’re showing how the external piece of the fireplace and chimney can be an integral part of the home’s design.”


Just down the street is a Modern Coastal by Carrington Homes. The builder wanted a linear, modern fireplace. Dealers Wholesale supplied a sleek Heatilator unit that fits right in with the contemporary lines of the space. Outside, the Carrington team was going for a completely different look. Brandon says that they went with a Mason-Lite product, “which is essentially a masonry fireplace but it is built in components that we can assemble right on the jobsite versus having a mason.”

“This was something new for us,” says Brandon of the Mason-Lite product. “At the price point these teams are building today, they have a very specific buyer and buyer needs that they are working to fulfill. This is what we do: we demonstrate that we can meet the demands of the design and the needs of the builder and c u s t o m e r .”


In Wedgewood Building Co.’s Modern Mediterranean, the goal was to offer the convenience of a gas fireplace – but not the heat. Brandon says they chose an Enlight fireplace by Heat & Glo that allows for a beautiful flame and high BTU; its design pulls all of the heat that would normally be generated and pushes it out of the house. “Now you’ve got a fireplace that can run all year. If you want to have a nice fire for ambience, you don’t have to compensate for the amount of heat you’re putting out.”

Another exceptional feature of the Heat & Glo is that it is incorporated into both the entryway and the great room. The see-through fireplace “has a unique look and an amazing presence.”


Brandon says, “Our DNA is with the builders, but as we grow and continue to improve and develop, we’re expanding to incorporate the consumer into our process.” Homeowners can visit the newly remodeled Dealer’s Wholesale showroom in Indianapolis, which features 27 fireplaces on display, as well as fire pits, shrouds, and outdoor kitchen options. Stop in for advice, information, and inspiration.

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