You can see it. You have envisioned your dream space… your ideal kitchen, that awe-inspiring spa bath. But then… reality hits you like a bucket of cold water splashed in your face. A remodel can be demanding under the best of circumstances. It helps to be prepared when it comes to the more complex remodeling challenges.



A common question homeowners ask is, “Can we tear down that wall?” Yes… technically, you can tear down any wall you like. That’s the simple answer. The realistic answer depends on what’s going on behind the walls, it may be a simple step or a complex (expensive) multi-step process. For example, if it is a load-bearing wall, your builder will need to take precautions to support the structure as it is removed and then add another form of support in its place.


If you want to change the location of key fixtures such as showers or tubs, or even move a major appliance from one wall to another, you will have to consider the complexity and difficulty of relocating these vital components – wires, piping, ducting, etc. – and make sure they are properly identified before you start. You need a full assessment of what’s in place, where you would like it, and whether or not that is feasible.


Here’s the fun part. Some people can look at a space and imagine the possibilities, regardless of the current layout. Your designer/remodeler should be one of them! If you want to change the footprint of your space – whether to allow for a more open feel, create distinct spaces for privacy, expand the space, or achieve any number of other goals – discuss your vision with your remodeling team.


Whether you are the proud owner of a stately craftsman home or a sleek, cutting-edge modern abode, one thing is certain: your home has character! If your goal is to preserve as much of its charm as possible, you will need to factor this into your remodeling plans. While this is your space and you can do what you want, you may wish to retain some distinctive features, such as hardwood flooring, millwork, original tilework, fireplaces, etc. – while upgrading elements that could use some 21st century efficiency and technology, including windows/doors, HVAC and appliances, and cabinetry.


On a related note: there are times when you wish to remove architectural elements in order to update your space or reimagine its entire appeal/purpose. Consider which you want to retain, whether it is original brickwork or hardwood floors, and which need to go in order to make your home more functional, timely, and timeless. For example, in a recent ACo bathroom update, early 2000s-era pillars were removed to create a more open airy space that delivers modern streamlined luxury. This more open look will more easily translate into subsequent design changes over the years while giving the homeowners a more contemporary appeal today.


Let’s say you just want to add a pantry space and new cabinetry to your kitchen. You notice a little brown spot on the ceiling – and all of a sudden, you have a plumbing project on your hands. The old pipes have been leaking undetected for some time, and you need to address this before proceeding with your original vision. Surprise.

Surprises happen during the remodeling process, no matter how well planned. To account for unexpected challenges, and build peace of mind into your project, ACo covers up to $1000 of potentially hidden change orders.


The good news is that where there’s a will there’s a way. Discuss your goals with your remodeler at the onset of your project to make sure they have a proper strategy to make your vision work. ACo has honed their process to remove the worry by guiding you through design and installation. They empower you to overcome the intimidation factor and transform your home so you can love where you live. Connect online at to schedule an in home design consultation.