by Allie Moffett

If you live in the Midwest, you have probably enjoyed a warm sunny day followed by a chilly, rainy one the next. It’s a pattern Midwesterners have learned to live with. However, if you love to entertain and spend time with family and friends in a space that brings the outdoors in, it can put a bit of a damper on your plans. Your outdoor entertainment dreams don’t need to rely on the weather when you can rely on the BPI Outdoor Living team.

Outdoor Living spaces have become an extension of the home and interior spaces. “As homeowners realize how important it is to connect both with nature and each other, the outdoor space is a cost-effective way to add living space to an existing home,” says J.D. Durst, President and Owner of BPI Outdoor Living. “Homeowners are now aware of their options and looking to create a cohesive connection between inside/outside living.” Fellow outdoor living experts have reported exponential rises in outdoor living spaces. Azenco reported that orders for pergolas and outdoor living spaces have risen by 300% since last year.

Homeowners these days dream of much more than a simple patio, deck, or porch; they want high-end finishes and features that bring the comforts of indoors to stunning outdoor spaces. Cooking areas take the form of an outdoor kitchen. Heating sources include gas and wood-burning fire pits, fireplaces and electric overhead heaters. Cover is now achieved in many forms, from pergolas and shade sails to detached and attached roofs. The outdoor living room is completed with outdoor audio and video, allowing homeowners to gather and watch their favorite show while also enjoying the outdoors. These offerings provide the comfort needed outdoors that allows homeowners to brave the elements year-round.

“As modern homeowners focus on spending more time with friends and family, the desire to have a great outdoor kitchen and lounge area to congregate is equally as important as it is inside the home,” says Durst.

The BPI team designs dream outdoor spaces tailored to individual homeowners’ aspirations. They have been honing their craft over 24 years in the business. With a core focus on designing and building luxury outdoor living spaces, the team focuses on the right questions to help clients maximize their spaces and budgets. With skilled artisans who focus on timeless building techniques and materials they ensure clients have spaces that they can enjoy year-round and for years to come.

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