by Allie Moffett

Another month, another heating and cooling bill. How can you ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? Cristina Marroquin-McCall, Homesense Marketing Manager, filled us in on what we need to know about furnace options.

What does an 80% furnace versus a 90% furnace mean?

Basically it’s how much gas the furnace uses. For every dollar that goes into the furnace, 20% goes out the flute – or is wasted – with an 80% furnace. The 90% furnace follows the same rule, with 10% going out of the flute.

What is a single speed furnace?

In a single speed, the furnace blower only runs at one speed – off or on. Multi-speed ramps up when it kicks on, similar to the transmission in a car shifting gears and then shutting off completely. This is the most basic furnace type available. A variable-speed furnace functions like the blower in your car when on auto; it slows down and speeds up as needed. This is helpful because it circulates the air in the house more often and creates better air quality. It can also help regulate temperature balance.

What does your furnace model recommendation depend on?

When helping a client choose the best furnace for their needs, I focus mostly on the size of the home, how long they expect to be in the home, and of course the client’s budget.

Does the type of furnace depend on how often it needs to be checked by the homeowner?

Nope! All systems require two visits a year – one for the furnace and one for the A/C unit.

It’s important to understand the basics of your furnace model and upgrade options to properly care for them and understand where your money is going. The Homesense gurus are here to help you with all of your heating and cooling needs. Visit to learn more.