by Nancy Vesey

Harsh winter weather is on its way, and nothing takes the brunt of it more than your garage floor. Rain, snow, and road salt wreak havoc on concrete, causing the inevitable cracking, pitting, spalling, and dusting, a breakdown in the top surface area.

With the protection of professionally installed coatings, however, you can rest assured your floor can withstand anything Mother Nature – and time – serve up.

“Coating the concrete with a permanent chemical bond creates an exceptionally durable floor, strengthening it and stopping surface abrasion that can lead to deterioration,” said Nick Knight, operations manager for Indy Floor Coating.

“Left uncoated, a floor’s minor cracks can become major,” he added. “Dissolving salt, rain and snow seep into the cracks, causing corrosion under the surface. Over time, the cracks typically become larger, and the concrete can start to crumble.”

Having a coated surface not only reinforces and protects the concrete, but it also means cleaning the typical winter grunge from your floor is a breeze. A quick hosing-out is usually all that is needed to restore your floor to a shiny, beautiful long-wearing surface.

Non-staining and chemical resistant garage floor coatings repel gasoline, oils and most everything else a busy household or car enthusiast can dish out.

For aging and damaged floors in need of repair, the results of a resurfacing are stunning, taking years off a dirty, stained and dusty floor. Brightening the area and greatly enhancing the space brings satisfaction for years to come. “The comment we hear most often from customers is ‘Why did I wait so long?’” Knight said.

Protect your garage floors from the ravages of winter, connect with Indy Floor Coating today at for a quick quote or to schedule an appointment.