Google reviews empower you to promote your brand – and its exceptional products, services, and unique offerings – to potential customers. The very simplicity of the platform is where the power is. Reviews are written by the people, for the people. They offer social proof of your brand’s quality, value, and integrity.


1. Verify Your Business Profile.

Start at the beginning. When you verify your business with Google. In typical Google style, it is an easy process, and at the end, you will ensure your business info shows up on Search, Maps, and other services. You can also respond to reviews – which we will discuss in a moment.

2. Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews.

  • Ask in person. Your team should also be proficient in making these requests respectfully.
  • Use Your marketing materials. Let your email signature, cards, receipts, follow-up emails, or texts do the asking with a link to your review page.
  • Use Google tools. Try Google’s marketing kit and a custom short URL to support your efforts.

3. Respond to Reviews.

  • Regardless of what they said, take a moment to thank them, but it is especially vital to respond to negative reviews.
  • If you receive a negative review, act fast:
    • Respond as soon as you can.
    • Keep it professional.
    • Dig deeper, find out what went wrong.
    • Apologize if necessary.
    • Sign your response with your name or initials.

4. Turn Reviews into Marketing Gold.

  • Let your customers do the talking. Social proof is key, and reviews are an invaluable resource. Share great reviews on your social media pages, highlight them on your website, include them in your marketing and/or press kit, and reach out to those customers for possible video testimonials.

5. Gather Data – and Act on It.

  • Reviews give you insight into the minds of customers. Gather information on what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, what could be improved, and what you can capitalize on. Then act.

Are you utilizing Google reviews to build trust, humanize your company, and grow your business? The fact is that people are looking for the products and services you offer. Reviews tell them if you are the solution for which they are searching.


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