by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Adam Gibson Photography

When building your luxury dream house, what tops your list of must-haves? Chances are, it is comfort, convenience, and quality. Johnson-Melloh recognizes this as they specialize in serving clients who insist on and expect the best of the best.

“There are few people in the Indianapolis market who cater to this type of client, and our business is set up to do just that,” says Henry Nichols, Engineering and Sales Professional with Johnson-Melloh.


Though Johnson-Melloh is well respected in the industry for providing consistent quality mechanical contracting with innovative energy solutions, Nichols insists that their strength lies in their network of industry partners. One of those partnerships is with Precision Comfort Systems, one of the last residential companies to do custom sheet metal work in high-end homes. Meanwhile, Johnson-Melloh installs radiant heating – everything from heated towel bars in the bathroom to heated driveways outside. They have even run warm water pipes through concrete lounge chairs in a sauna so that the chairs would be warm. It’s amazing the things they can do.

This dynamic partnership completes a circle of expertise that cannot be surpassed. Their quality is untouchable in terms of installing and maintaining a complex residential HVAC system. For instance, some years ago, Johnson-Melloh put in an indoor basketball court for a homeowner that required 11 heating and cooling systems and a floor that requires dehumidification. The same residence includes a high-end car collection, so they did radiant heating in the garage flooring, an HVAC job that at the time cost over half a million dollars.

Though these jobs are complex, utilizing the product is not. “We take complex things and make them simple and accessible so anyone can use and understand them,” says Nichols.


These days, homeowners are more energy conscious for two primary reasons. One, energy is becoming exponentially more expensive. Two, people have an increased desire to be green.

“Now it’s all about this whole other level of renewable energy and how we can harness and store it,” Tom Melangton, Engineering and Sales Professional with Johnson-Melloh, says.

These products are tantalizing enough, but now the federal government has provided yet another reason to splurge on such luxury by providing lucrative tax incentives when homeowners package up radiant with geothermal.

“The government is getting behind the idea of maximizing the efficiency of your system and minimizing fossil fuel costs,” says Nichols. “So, they are giving a 30% federal tax credit with no cap.”

If you put in a geothermal system when building your house, anything you spend towards that will earn you a 30% tax credit. This means that if you owe $100,000, you effectively get $30,000 off of your taxes.

When you build a home, you get to claim that credit when you take occupancy of the house at which time your builder gives you a receipt for everything that was encompassed in that geothermal system (e.g., the radiant heat, the coils, etc.). Simply fill out IRS form 5695 and attach those project receipts upon submission.

“We itemize that, plus [the builder’s] fees,” says Nichols. “Then for that tax year, the homebuyer turns that into their accountant.”

Keep in mind that a tax credit is different than a tax write-off. A tax credit goes straight back to the bottom line while a tax write-off is part of a mathematical equation that’s subject to other limits.

“A 30% tax credit is real money,” Melangton says. “The sky’s the limit on what you can take for a tax credit so it’s a huge opportunity.”

Often homeowners know that tax incentive options exist, but they need someone to explain what those options are. This, in turn, gives the builder more opportunities. The key is to become an educated client.

“If a client knows the features and benefits that they personally can take advantage of and how the premium will be offset by that tax credit, they’re liable to invest in more comfort and put nicer things in their home,” says Nichols.

And let’s be honest, comfort is king! In the dog days of summer, geothermal provides refreshing air conditioning while in the winter, geothermal warms water in order to heat the floors and driveway, thereby making life more pleasant.

The idea behind Johnson-Melloh’s partnership with Precision Comfort Systems is to combine efficiency and comfort by way of a geosystem with radiant heat.

“Comfort is continuous,” says Nichols. “It’s like a symphony. It’s not just clarinets or tubas. It’s clarinets and tubas at the same time.”


One Johnson-Melloh client that stands apart from the rest is Miracle Place. The Johnson-Melloh team first connected with this community center when Nick Melloh, CEO of Johnson-Melloh, was brought along to volunteer. While at Miracle Place, he was warmly welcomed at the door, followed by warm smiles from everyone there. This is the norm in this special place. Visitors and volunteers will see Paul mowing the lawn, Tim talking finances and Sister Barbara and Ali laughing with the kids. Mothers, middle schoolers, and little ones fill the community center, ready to learn the day’s lessons then say goodbye before returning for Saturday morning breakfast.

It is clear why Nick Melloh was drawn to Miracle Place. “You really get more than you give,” said Tim Falvey, Miracle Place Board President. “It’s rewarding in a unique way, something you can’t often gain from work or even church.”

The community center was a long-time goal for Sister Barbara and the late Sister Rita. They first recognized the need for this space during their time at Holy Cross. Sister Barbara recounts the dozens of families who would bring their kids to play cards, simply looking for a safe place to connect with others and be a kid. By bringing neighbors together for neighborhood activities and celebrations, a sense of community has been established. Educational opportunities and cultural experiences for various age groups are offered through Miracle Place, ensuring that anyone interested in getting involved can do so.

Nick and his wife Lisa were hooked after their initial experience, so much so that they became the co-chairs for Miracle Place’s capital campaign. They led the way in raising money for Miracle Place to build what is now known as the community center, complete with beautiful wood beams, a fireplace, and bookshelves filled with books for all ages. The Johnson-Melloh team couldn’t wait to play a hand in this project, installing solar panels on the roof to cool and heat the space. “Thanks to our solar panels, our bills are next to nothing each month, allowing our funding to go where it can really make an impact,” said Sister Barbara.

Sister emphasizes the importance of community members and partners, “This space was made possible by people who recognize how meaningful community is.”

If you’re in search of quality companies that you can trust, from the team they hire to the community work they tackle, contact the teams at Johnson-Melloh and Precision Comfort Systems at and