By Christy Heitger-Ewing / photos by The Home Aesthetic and Thomas Graham Photography

Bigger is better when choosing windows but not necessarily when it comes to selecting your builder. Kent Shaffer Homes, a third-generation family-run business, is a smaller company. They erect 6-10 homes a year rather than cranking out 20+ homes annually the way production builders do. As a result, clients have a more personalized and pleasant experience.

“We involve our designer up front before we meet with the architect to get a design plan together. This helps guide the architect when designing the home. This prevents changes later on since the designer is involved up front. She is able to give input on the interior and exterior of the home while the architect is designing,” says Kristen Shaffer-Hale, co-owner of Kent Shaffer Homes. “As a result, we help our clients stay on budget during the design process since we know their finances going into it.”

As a third generation builder growing up in the industry, Kristen is well aware of the joys of building, as well as the stresses clients can encounter. “The pandemic saw unparalleled fluctuations in building costs and never before-seen challenges, but I found that keeping an open and honest dialogue with the client, making them partners in their build as opposed to spectators, helped keep everyone happy from digging the foundation to handing over the keys.”

Kent Shaffer Homes, who builds exceptional quality homes in desirable neighborhoods and utilizes experienced craftsmen & high-quality materials, is proud to have partnered with McComb Pella Window & Door Co. for more than two decades. The partnership thrives due to Pella’s excellent customer service and stellar reputation in the industry.

“We love working with them,” says Hale. “They go out of their way to provide quotes for homes we build, they install all exterior doors for us to be sure they are done correctly, and their warranty program cannot be surpassed. We have such peace of mind knowing that if we have an issue with anything, all we have to do is give our clients Pella’s warranty department phone number and it will be taken care of.”

Hale notes that in recent years custom home construction has grown more complex, and exciting, with each build offering new ways to showcase the latest and best in materials. “Trends in design, such as finishes and paint colors, come and go but the one thing that is always in demand is natural light. Whether it’s floor to ceiling windows, or custom glass doors, Kent Shaffer Builders along with our friends at McComb Pella jump at the opportunity to wow our clients.”

Hale notes that the window upgrade elevates the whole project. “As builds get bigger, so too does the window and door cost. However, it may be the one area you don’t want to skimp on. Flooring and finishes can be changed out over the years, but windows properly done at the time of the build leave their mark on a home for generations.”

The Kent Shaffer team recognizes that 2-D drawings do not help clients visualize certain aspects of a project. For instance, homeowners might want to get a sense of how big the windows will be or what they will actually look like in size compared to everything else. To help clients imagine their as-yet-to-be-built home, the Kent Shaffer team provides renderings, which includes exterior color selections.

“It’s great because clients can see how the windows are going to look, and we can make any necessary changes before we start building,” says Hale. “It’s unique. Not a lot of builders are doing that.”

If you’re looking to let the light in, contact McComb Pella Window & Door today or schedule an appointment at their showroom off 96th Street in Indianapolis. Learn more at and