At BAGI, we strive to be proactive and keep our fingers on the pulse of trends in the home building industry to help members stay effective and minimize disruptions of major shifts. We lead and participate in many workforce and advocacy efforts to best set up our local community for the future.


The construction industry is no stranger to labor shortages as the number of industry professionals nearing retirement or leaving the workforce is larger than young professionals entering the field. In fact, current numbers show that our industry is short almost half a million workers. A gap that only continues to increase.

That’s why BAGI is proud to be a partner and continues to support Build Your Future Indiana – a unique collaboration of employers, state agencies, and industry associations with the mission of encouraging Indiana residents to learn more about construction and skilled craft career opportunities and training programs emerging across the state.

By providing scholarships, sharing their education initiatives and offering training opportunities through 2023 and beyond, we’re helping to recruit the next generation of industry professionals and assist our members in hiring hardworking individuals.


First-time homebuyers’ ability to own a home has been dramatically reduced, eliminating a demographic that relies on finding a home to settle in. In fact, research from Reuters shows that first-time homebuyers only make up 27% of home sales.

BAGI and its members are committed to improving the housing affordability crisis that is affecting homeowners across the state of Indiana. We take action by:

  • Connecting with industry leaders and organizations to help train their teams so they can provide better services to their customers
  • Working with municipalities to balance the development fees and restrictions that affect building costs for prospective buyers
  • Staying up to date on current affairs and sharing our views on issues to create better legislation that helps homeowners
  • Partnering with organizations like Build Indiana Roots to raise awareness and brainstorm more impactful solutions that protect homebuyers and help grow the state

We will continue to strengthen our initiatives with Build Indiana Roots, educating Hoosiers on achievable housing and advocating for responsible, balanced housing policies, so all residents can achieve their home buying dreams.

By continuing to lead the conversation on these initiatives, we hope to create a stronger workforce and more balanced opportunities for all homebuyers that will, in turn, improve our members’ businesses and enhance our Central Indiana community.