by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by 360 Tour Designs

Building a showcase home for the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis’ annual Home-A-Rama is always an exciting yet intimidating endeavor. In 2017, Ben Davis, founder and owner of BBG Construction, wasn’t sure how tour guests would react to his modern farmhouse design. That particular style was just taking off, but turned out to be very popular during the show as BBG Construction won HAR’s People’s Choice Award.

After taking a few years off from Home-A-Rama, Davis was up for the challenge of building another stunning home for the 2022 show. This time around, he built a unique Belgian Farmhouse style ranch. With BBG’s 2022 showpiece home, this small boutique builder captured the attention of show attendees and won the People’s Choice Award once again.

One advantage BBG Construction has is that they do all their plans and interior design inhouse. Davis, who has been in the business for nearly 20 years, describes the company’s style as traditional with modern touches.

“Trends come and go. So, about every seven years, you’ve got to change it up,” says Davis. “We’re a smaller ship so it’s easier for us to turn the boat around quickly and change trends compared to some of the bigger builders that build more homes.”

For example, back in 2017 Davis incorporated a lot of barn doors in their show home. There were barn doors everywhere from the office, to the pantry, and even laundry room. However, this year BBG took a more novel approach to interior doors. In the spacious laundry room, they installed old-school saloon style doors that swing both ways. Then, for a more modern, striking look Davis designed a metal commercial storefront door for the office.

HAR homes are often an opportunity to showcase fresh ideas or even design features that are a little over the top. For BBG’s home back in 2017, Davis painted the kitchen’s island blue, which several realtors warned against. “They thought I was crazy, but everyone who came through the house loved it,” says Davis. He got a similar reaction during the 2022 HAR for his basement design, which features an abundance of wood paneling for a cozy and inviting vibe.

“It was the same thing where all the realtors told me I was nuts for putting in all that wood,” says Davis. “Man, I wish I had a camera to capture the reaction every time someone came down the steps! Visitors loved the basement’s warm feel.”

Another popular touch that helped add character in this year’s home were the built-ins around the living room fireplace. “It had been a while since I’d done built-ins,” says Davis. “It helps create a traditional yet modern feel with the home’s open concept.”

In addition to the open floor plan, high ceilings throughout the home also add a feeling of spaciousness to this 6200 sq. ft. home. And while it wasn’t the largest house in the show, it boasted the largest kitchen—a wise choice since kitchens are a favorite gathering space for families and entertaining.

It’s these thoughtful touches and distinctive design features that help set BBG apart. According to Davis, “At BBG Construction, we build livable, functional, comfortable homes. As a result, when people walk in, they can imagine themselves living here.”

Can you imagine yourself living in this gorgeous, award-winning Home-A-Rama show home? Well, it’s for sale! For more information, contact BBG Construction at (317) 250-8522.