by Lora Leon | photos by 360 Tour Designs

The Hottest Products in Home Design

A new year is here, and with that comes hot, new home design products. 2023 will bring things “back to the basics.” That certainly doesn’t mean boring, though. Think clean, modern lines, gorgeous geometric patterns, detailed hardware, and simplified luxury with some standout pieces.


If you’re building or remodeling, you’ll have the choice of some gorgeous options this year. Whether you prefer natural finishes or a rich, luxurious look, 2023 is about self-expression done simply. Soothing, natural pastels will be big. These hues can be elegantly paired with natural woods or take on a rich and glamorous feel when combined with gold accents.

Dark and textured countertops will be popular in 2023. Marble will remain a top product and is always a classic choice. If you’re looking to venture out, geometric stone tile flooring is gaining popularity.


Dark cabinets have been making a comeback, and 2023 will continue that trend. Black looks gorgeous in a modern kitchen. Mia Farrell, Design and Sales Consultant at ACo in Fishers. She shared that we’ll even start to see less traditional colors for cabinets this year. Dark greens, blues, and teals will be quite popular and look great with gold fixtures and hardware.

Don’t worry if dark colors and bold metals aren’t for you. Nature-inspired design and decor is going to stay popular this year. The pastel hues that will be in look stunning next to natural woods, so hardwood flooring will remain a great option this year if you’re not ready for geometric tiling. Monochrome themes will also be big, with cabinetry and trim matching wood floors. When it comes to trim accents in 2023, the natural element trend continues with reeding used in a variety of applications. Reeded accents are often done in either round or squared shapes to best suit your aesthetic.

Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes is seeing structural lighting gaining in popularity for new home builds. Forget about simple and basic ceiling lights. It’s time to go all out on your built-in fixtures. And don’t forget to think beyond the scope of aesthetics in your design. Joe also shares that smart features for homes are one design aspect gaining major popularity. This can make life with your new home or remodel much more convenient, especially if entertaining.

Dan Weingart with GreenImage is seeing a trend of clients wanting fully covered structures built outside, as opposed to more standard pergolas. This will keep you using your outdoor space in inclement weather and further into the cold season. Particularly when you add heating elements to your outdoor space and utilize smart features.

Clean lines and simplicity will continue to be a strong trend this year according to Nate of Old Town Design Group. There will be more of a desire for materials to look as they naturally occur. Cement should look like cement, wood should look like wood, and so on. Painting natural materials will be less popular. Old Town often tries to focus on a balance between “authenticity and low maintenance.”

Across the board, builders, designers, and remodelers are seeing an emphasis on natural light continue with large windows, doors, and skylights remaining popular. Homeowners continue to desire “blurring the lines between interior and exterior living” and bringing the outside in.


While it can be tempting to try to pull off big projects on your own when you want to take advantage of exciting new trends, as Dan with GreenImage shares, DIY can become overwhelming for anyone (even for those with experience). Although there are plenty of projects you can tackle yourself, it’s best to leave more complex ones to the pros. Especially if remodeling and expensive appliances are involved. Featured in this issue of Haven, you will find the best of the best in the design and construction industry. Connect with these businesses today for guidance on the hottest trends and incorporating them into your home in a cohesive way.