by Allie Moffett

It’s move-in day for your new neighbors! You notice a Pennsylvania license plate on the family’s car and can’t help but wonder how they’ve ended up so far from their previous home. Many in the Hamilton County region have faced this in the past year, and the Laura Turner Realty Group is here to explain.

Laura Turner, owner of Laura Turner Realty Group, shared that she has seen a record high of families moving from Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and Georgia. Why? Because even though some Hoosiers view current housing prices and interest rates as high, Hamilton County and surrounding counties are very affordable! In this area, it’s still less expensive to buy than rent in many cases.

Turner has heard time and time again, “Has business been tough this year?” To the surprise of many, the answer is no. “This is actually projected to be my best year,” said Turner.

At the beginning of 2022, The Times reported that Indiana had moved from 12th place to 6th place for inbound migration. Throughout 2022, large companies shared they would be moving headquarters to the Indianapolis region, including Prevounce, Genezen and Corteva. Continued growth is expected in the year to come.

Turner has helped dozens of families and companies relocate to Hamilton County. She explained that many businesses have done so due to low cost of living, highly rated schools, and ease of travel in and out of the state.

What does this mean for native Hoosiers?

This should serve as a reminder that though interest rates are higher than they have been in recent years, buying is still a more affordable and beneficial option than renting. Turner explained that like many industries, real estate is cyclical and she projects a shift in the market, leveling the playing field for buyers and sellers. If you are not happy with your rates, refinancing is always an option. While it is cliche, the phrase “date the rate, marry the house” couldn’t be more true!

“So many people think that current interest rates are doom and gloom, but they’re really not! There are options available to you. We hope that this assures potential homebuyers that business is still booming and many are still moving – don’t be afraid to make a move on your dream home!”

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