by Christy Heitger-Ewing

As the holidays end and a new year begins, many homeowners embrace a January flurry of reorganizing and decorating their homes. With fresh designs and new styles on the forefront of minds, RG Décor owner, Karen King, shares coming trends in 2023.


A major trend for the upcoming year, one that is foundational to good design, is texture. According to Karen, “Texture has always been important, whether it’s furniture, blankets, rugs, or pillows.” She has found that people gravitate toward what feels good to the touch. “What feels good, in the world of décor, translates to soft, timeless fabrics like velvet and bouclé,” says Karen. She also predicts the new year will see a continued renewed focus on textures with visual appeal, particularly natural elements such as wicker and rattan.

Traditional rugs are another trend to watch for in 2023. The old adage, “What’s old is new again” certainly rings true when it comes to rugs. According to Karen, traditional rugs are making a comeback – particularly wool, hand-knotted rugs with some history.

“They’re not out of style,” says Karen. “If you’ve got one rolled up in the corner of your closet, bring it back out! They can add the warmth, texture, color and comfort you need to a room.” She is seeing a lot of patterns and plaids in rich, muted tones – not so much jewel tones like red, blue, and green but instead moodier colors like a burgundy or evergreens.


Lighting has become even more of a focal point in homes. Open floor plans mean more windows, which leaves fewer walls to display art. Therefore, homeowners are choosing unique chandeliers, interesting floor lamps, and even flush mount lighting that makes a statement.

“The lighting creates the art,” says Karen, who notes that another trend she’s seeing is mixing in different elements so that not all woods or metals match. Instead, they complement each other to create a cohesive design.

“The focus is no longer on making sure everything matches; rather, the focus is about what you like,” says Karen. “Then you select a few pieces to bring it all together.”


When we’re faced with stress and anxiety, we seek comfort, and the place we tend to find the most comfort is in our homes. “People want their home to be a haven,” says Karen.

This is why she always displays meaningful objects that hold sentimental value to the homeowner. That may be a decorative item, a piece of art, or something that’s been handed down through the generations, like grandma’s China saucer or crocheted blanket.


As far as design trends that seem to have faded away, Karen says that would be a house done all in grey. If you’re a trend follower and find yourself with a mostly grey home Karen says you need not panic. “Some warmer tones can be brought in and mix in the greys with shades of taupes and tans. The colors complement each other and provide warmth for a fresh, updated look,” says Karen.

When Karen meets with a client, she first asks what is important to them. “Are there pieces you want to incorporate? How’s the room going to be lived in? What’s your lifestyle as a family?” These answers provide direction on how the design will come together.

“At the end of the day, everyone wants to step inside their home, take a deep breath, and think, ‘I love it here,’” says Karen, whose goal at RG Décor is to provide just that.