by Allie Moffett

A new year brings new, exciting projects to Hamilton County! Fishers is expected to see major growth in the corporate realm, only further increasing the area’s desirability as a place to live and work. The Sears & Syrus team is eager to serve their clients moving within or into the Fishers area in the strong 2023 real estate market.

“Growth of our corporate community within Fishers not only provides for a more robust community with regards to business infrastructure and tax revenue, but a welcomed addition to our ever-bustling housing market!” said Lisa Sears, realtor and broker at Sears & Syrus.

Here are a few of the major projects coming to the Fishers community in 2023:


Andretti Global plans to build its $200 million headquarters in Fishers. The building will be constructed on 99 acres in Fishers and will create up to 600 new jobs by 2026. The projected annual salary for the jobs is ~$100,000, according to city officials.

“We’re hopeful to help find the influx of Andretti Global employees their perfect home in Hamilton County, bettering both our corporate and residential communities,” said Sears.

THE FISHERS DISTRICT EXPANSION: Hotel, Event Center, and Professional Hockey

The total expansion of the Fishers District is slated to cost $550 million and will include new retail, restaurant, entertainment, and residential businesses.

The district will consist of three major projects. They are:

} Slate — This residential garden community will feature multi-family homes

} The Union — This 10.5 acre mixed use development will be an expansion of The Yard

} The Commons — Featuring a wide selection of restaurants and retail spots, this premier cultural district will include the Fishers Event Center, the future home of Indy Fuel hockey.

HAMILTON CROSSING: Republic Training Facility

Republic, one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S., is moving to Carmel as part of a $500 million project. The $200 million investment in phases 1 and 2 will include a high-tech training facility, 20 classrooms, 94 workstations, two cabin trainers, and eight flight simulators. The project will bring 1,900 jobs to the area.

What does this Carmel project mean for the Fishers community? The Sears & Syrus team reiterates that it sees the seller’s market continuing and prices remaining consistent or even increasing.

Sears shared that “even with the higher-than-normal interest rates, the area’s shortage in inventory will only rise, resulting in steady or higher-than-normal (compared to past years) appreciation rates and premiums paid in order to secure properties.”

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