Flooring Styles to Fit Any Home Décor

Hardwood and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are two of the most versatile – and beautiful – flooring options on the market. They make themselves perfectly at home in any home, able to fit any decor from contemporary and cottage core to traditional and transitional. Yours included.

ACo has a few helpful tips for selecting the right hardwood or LVP to suit your home.


There are some hardwood and LVP stain colors that are on-trend for 2023, including pale pine, bleached oak, espresso, and mid-tone browns. But beyond the shade of the moment, think about hues that complement and enhance your décor. For example, in a Modern Farmhouse, Cottage Core, Scandinavian, go for lighter stains such as a natural, white wash, or gray mix. In a Contemporary, Minimalist, or Mid-Century your palette may be a lot darker: think espresso, dark walnut, or ebony.


Part of the versatility of hardwood and LVP is thanks to the plank length and width. You can use your floor to enhance the style of your home. For example, narrow planks have more lines or visual breaks, which works well in large rooms and/or in traditional decors. In smaller rooms, a wider plank opens the area.

Length is also important; if you have wide, short planks, for example, it can make your floor look choppy. A longer plank elongates the room. More and more we are seeing longer and wider planks.


The edge of the hardwood or LVP flooring impacts how it will look when it is put together. For example, a square edge blends seamlessly and minimizes visual interruptions. It’s great for a polished, upscale, and traditional look. A microedge makes the seams a bit more pronounced and works well with more relaxed eclectic, cottage core, or coastal styles, for example. For a casual, rustic, or Farmhouse feel, you can opt for a beveled edge, which has distinct grooves. If you want a lot of distinction between planks, microbeveled and scraped edge options are worth considering.


The lovely grain is a big part of what makes hardwood so versatile and beloved. LVP is manufactured to evoke the same natural appeal. Think of the grain as a pattern created by both the species of tree, its growth, and the method by which it is processed into lumber. And just like zebra stripes, no two grain patterns are exactly the same.

Typically you will find a more subtle grain in modern, minimalist, or even coastal style homes. A dramatic grain pattern will look perfectly at home with cottage core or other more rustic designs.


Long, narrow walnut planks in espresso stain with subtle grain and a square edge… Red oak with a light stain, pronounced grain, and a microbeveled edge… Or what if you switched to a less dramatic beveled edge? The options are nearly endless! This is why it is so helpful to visualize your floor before making any decisions.

With ACo’s Flooring Visualizer you can experiment with different looks by uploading a photo of your room to see what various options will look like in your home. You can select from different products that feature a wide variety of stains, plank widths and lengths, edges, and grains that will add just the right touch to your home.

Visit liveaco.com/flooring/flooring-visualizer to play around, experiment, and explore your options. Find inspiration, and connect with our team of experts for guidance, suggestions, and ideas that put you one critical step closer to your vision of home.