by Tracy Kemp | photos courtesy of Motor District

You can never have enough storage space they say. And if you are going to invest in extra space, why waste it on boring storage where everything is out of sight, and out of mind. Why not get more space with a next-level cool factor? How about a condo for your car?

How about a seriously cool man cave? With a cigar room…or a wine cellar…or a multi-media center…or all of the above. Your very own private, in-town getaway, and the perfect space for celebrating your collection or hosting events for your friends, colleagues, or family.

For any of those needs and so much more, look no farther than Motor District Garage Condos in Westfield. Jay Farmer, owner and developer of the 150-garage complex, says it’s really about building a community of enthusiasts who have a variety of hobbies and passions.

The $40 million project sprawling across 12 acres will eventually include retail space, a boutique car dealer, and more. The gated campus will be well-lit and include security cameras. Meanwhile, the individual condo garages range in size from about 1,000 square feet to about 3,000 square feet. All are two stories, with the top level about half the square footage as the bottom.

So, once you’ve chosen your unit, how do you make it cool?

You ask Carlie Suski of ACo, a Fishers-based flooring, cabinet, kitchen, and bath retailer and remodeler whose mission is to ensure homeowners “love where they live.”

“Or in this case,” Suski says, “love where they play.”

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or designing a cool garage condo, it’s an overwhelming process, Suski says. “People need help knowing what to do with the units.”

So Suski and ACo are here to offer their guidance. They can help garage condo owners design their space with 3D models, then build out that design. “It’s like you’re building a small home,” Suski says. Variations of possible buildouts might look something like this:

An owner might choose to have a half bath and a bar and/or kitchenette. They’re mainly focused on storage but know it would be nice to also have a place to lounge with a few upscale amenities.

Or they might want to amp things up a little and turn it into a space where the whole family wants to hang out. They might want a full bath and a full kitchen; perhaps even a bedroom upstairs. Or it might be a great place for a second office.

And if they really want to impress their new garage condo neighbors, they might add a spiral staircase, pool tables, a full-blown sports bar with 9 different screens. How about a movie theater? Want to really show off that car? Add a turnstile for it to spin on and gasoline alley doors. Or add a storage unit inside so large you can park motorcycles on top to show them off.

“You can do just about anything imaginable,” Suski says. And she’s seen a lot of what people can imagine.

“What’s cool about Motor District,” Suski says, “is they’re creating a community of fun for people.” Some just want extra space but others want to show off their cool toys.

That sense of community will include regular events like car shows, cigar and bourbon nights, custom clothing nights, live music, and more, Farmer adds. And there’s an open house every Saturday.

Visit to learn more or to connect with Justin Steill, of Homes with Steill, for information on units ready to purchase and those coming soon.