by Christy Heitger-Ewing


The idiom “the difference between night and day” is used to describe a striking change. The same expression could be used in a literal sense when remarking on the difference between a dark yard and a well-lit landscape. Dan Weingart, owner of GreenImage Landscape & Design, has seen homeowners take note of this transformation time and again.

“People see a space in the daytime. Then it goes dark and there’s nothing there!” says Weingart. “When you light it up, however, that adds a ton of depth and character.”

Sometimes homeowners tackle outdoor projects in phases – choosing to install, say, a patio and pergola, then a pool or firepit. They plant trees and other landscaping. The last thing to be installed is typically lighting, and that’s why they’re blown away at the difference between darkness and the light.

“Oftentimes, what we find is that lighting gets forgotten,” says Weingart. “But once someone has it installed, they’re like, ‘Wow! How did we ever use this space without lighting?’”

If you spend a significant amount of time in an outdoor space, it’s wise to light it for functional reasons (e.g., so you can see a step). But what many homeowners don’t realize is how light penetration, fixture placement, viewpoint, and Kelvin temperature choice can completely transform their property. For instance, spotlighting a tree, fountain, waterfall, or some other feature makes the space seem bigger than it actually is because it adds depth to the entire property.

Homeowners can choose from a number of outdoor lighting options that can all be controlled from the convenience of your phone. For example, you can zone it to where you turn off the backyard lights but leave on the front yard or cut the lights to the trees but keep light on the patio. Lighting can also be dimmed and colors changed with the touch of a button.

Weingart notes that sometimes people go about lighting up their house in the wrong way. For instance, some homeowners install flood lights on the soffit in an effort to make their home less prone to burglars.

“You don’t need to make your home look like an airport runway,” says Weingart. “You can create a secure environment with lighting while still making it look aesthetically pleasing.”

If you are looking for a landscape lighting plan to highlight the best features on your property and push out the darkness, connect with GreenImage Landscape & Design today.