by Lora Leon

If you’ve remodeled or purchased a new build, then you’ve probably taken time to look at various countertop options. But how does natural stone get a perfect cut and beautiful shape before it is put in your home?


Many people who have remodeled a kitchen are familiar with stone fabricators and contractors. But these are not the same as a natural stone supplier. The supplier is the seller of raw materials. Basically, they sell very large slabs of stone that will later be cut and installed by a fabricator and/or a contractor.

You as the customer can go to a supplier to select raw materials that aren’t quite ready for installation. A fabricator or contractor will then work with the supplier to get your customized slab to you. This involves a lot of work, so let’s get some insider’s information from an actual stone supplier right here in central Indiana.


Indiana local, Nehal Dhruve, of Northstar Surfaces has some great insight on how natural stone suppliers operate. One of the first questions often asked by consumers is if they can directly purchase from the supplier. The short and simple answer is no. And the number one reason is safety.

Working with large stone slabs is dangerous. A single slab can weigh up to a ton. It involves large equipment and must be done with industry safety standards in mind.

Suppliers work using a business-to-business sales model, so you’ll likely visit a supplier with your contractor and/or fabricator. They’ll be able to tell you which slabs are within your budget. At Northstar, slabs are categorized alphabetically by price (with A being the least expensive and Z being the most) to make it the easiest experience for the consumer.

The best thing about visiting a natural stone supplier yourself is that you’ll be able to select the actual raw material that will end up in your home. You can look at the intricate detail of the marble, quartz, granite, etc and pick out your favorite piece. And you will get that exact piece and custom cut for your space.

Ask your contractor or fabricator about visiting Northstar Surfaces in Greenfield to find the perfect slab for your next project.