To everyone at BAGI, there’s nothing more rewarding than promoting Central Indiana’s new-home construction and watching BAGI members succeed. Part of that process includes helping the young, ambitious individuals who have dreams of working in residential construction.

To support the future of the industry, BAGI has established three scholarships in honor of its past leaders that encourage students who have an interest in careers within Central Indiana’s homebuilding industries to pursue a higher education.

“Part of the BAGI mission is providing the best resources, opportunities and partnerships possible in order to develop the skilled workforce necessary for our members to experience growth and success,” said Steve Lains, CEO of BAGI. “We are proud to offer these scholarships as a way to empower deserving students to pursue a career in the construction industry without financial burden standing in their way.”

BAGI’s three scholarship funds, the H.F. Tim Hines Scholarship, the Richard Sapp Scholarship and the Alan J. Goldsticker Scholarship, are awarded to high school seniors who are in good standing with their respective school, have prior work experience in the field of construction technology, specific career goals and impressive recommendations from faculty or employers.


The support these students receive from those within their dream profession and community instills a sense of belonging and motivation that carries well past their secondary education. BAGI’s scholarship efforts result in quality graduates from esteemed colleges and universities who bring immediate value to their respective industries. This helps grow Central Indiana’s homebuilding community and the industry as a whole.

“We want to do our part to ensure passionate students have the chance to explore building as a future vocation and excel in their studies,” Lains said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than uplifting the next generation and watching our industry thrive.”

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