by Allie Moffett

For many, taking on new technology can be daunting. You want to keep up with the latest and greatest in-home technology, but may not know where to start. Leave it to the Central-Indiana design and construction professionals to guide you through the process.


Efficient home technology and offerings start with the service provider. While you may not be preparing your own kitchen and bathroom countertops, the labor that goes into fulfilling that step plays into the quality and cost that you will ultimately pay. Stone Mart and their suppliers are making the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) of preparing stone counters a bit simpler and efficient with their quartz technology.

Stone Mart’s supplier, Breton Quartz, starts by grinding up quartz and other natural materials and adding just the right amount of resin to enhance durability. Quartz by itself isn’t heat resistant, so how does Breton fix that? By finding an innovative and industrial solution.

Making a quality sheet of slab from different ingredients starts with linking the right materials with the right automation. This innovation gives Breton an edge when it comes to testing the required raw materials and designing new-generation equipment. Once Breton has done their magic with the slab, Stone Mart houses it for customers to see for themselves – no labor required!


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, right? The team at Tresss is doing just that, and making it look oh so good. When couple Andrew and Cecelia Heard began their hunt for a sleek and safe pool cover to keep their twoyear-old twins out of trouble, they realized there was a large gap in the pool covering market, and dove into founding Tresss.

The team focuses on architectural pool covers that serve numerous purposes. The Tresss cover can change the depth of the pool – deep for diving, shallow for socializing. When the cover is fully raised, it acts as a deck and can hold the same amount of weight as a regular gathering space. The Tresss cover also offers special needs accessibility. It has a platform that goes up and down like an elevator to wheel someone onto the platform and be gently lowered into the water. While most pools are calming on the body, Tresss pools and pool covers are calming on the mind and body – a true testament to automation at its finest.


Overwhelmed by the idea of updating your home’s technology? Not sure who to contact for each project? The team at Bravas knows that feeling, which is why their team is dedicated to delivering quality service and products for all of your home’s needs. Looking to update lighting, create a home theater, automate your home’s shades, or redesign your office space? Bravas can help.

The team gets to know you and your unique technology needs through their thorough discovery process. Then, this jack-of-all-trades team strategizes and carries out all outlined projects as efficiently as possible, making it as hands-off for their clients as they can. Let Bravas help create your to do list and do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax.


When most think of a cozy and relaxing home, they imagine warm colors and inviting décor. Convenience, however, can greatly impact the feel of a home, too. Allow the pros to automate your life – your lighting, utilities, and safety features – and breathe a sigh of relief when you walk through your front door.