by Allie Moffett

From small “quality-over-quantity” designs to large-scale projects, Bravas meets clients where they’re at. How does a client figure out what they want while staying in the budget they need? Through The Bravas Way, your desires always drive our decisions. It’s our goal to facilitate initial projects and strategically build a plan for now and later.

Our team of experts follows The Bravas Way to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique technology needs as understood in our thorough discovery process. Reinforced with cutting-edge power and networking foundations, our projects feature a wide array of home and commercial solutions including lighting, home theaters, automated shades, home office design, networks, and much more.

The first step is gaining a clear picture of you, your needs, and how Bravas can get you there. In your initial meeting with Bravas, the team will cover several topics:

  • About You: Learning your Lifestyle
  • About Us: Sharing our Solutions
  • Demonstration: Experiencing our Technology
  • The Process: Implementing your Design

“Our process begins with an in-depth discovery meeting where we discuss our background, but more importantly, we get to know our client,” says Chad Brewer, General Manager of Bravas Indianapolis. “We want to learn about each client’s lifestyle, preferences and dreams, creating a plan that we work on collaboratively.”

These conversations are meant to ensure that the Bravas team knows their clients and their goals, and they can begin building relationships. Bravas’ end goal is always to deliver a luxury experience at every price and project level.

Living a luxury lifestyle is easier than you think. Create beautiful places and smart spaces with Bravas, connect today at