by Allie Moffett

As the age-old saying states, “it takes a village.” Working on a home build or remodel can be overwhelming, with endless showrooms to visit and appointments to make. Want to take a look at options for flooring, cabinetry, closet organization, plumbing and interior design in one fell swoop? Hub & Spoke is the answer.

Mia Farrell of ACo shared, “We frequently work with other tenants in the building! First and foremost, Plumbers Supply is almost like an extension of our own showroom. The girls there know me to pop in and swipe sample faucets to show my clients during design meetings – it can really help pull a bathroom or kitchen palette together to have a faucet on hand!”

Not only is this beneficial to Farrell and her clients, but it seamlessly introduces ACo clients to the wonderful products that the Plumbers Supply team offers. For more visual clients, the collaboration that takes place among Hub & Spoke tenants allows them to tie in numerous elements of their space as opposed to basing decisions off flooring, cabinetry, or appliances alone.

“I have also worked with Digital Sight and Sound in the past,” said Farrell. “One client had an outdated sound system we wanted to eliminate. Ray Rice and his team were able to not only relocate all of the wiring for the speakers and the sound system, but recommend the best upgraded equipment so that the sound system was up-to-date when we were complete.” The chance to work with professionals of many backgrounds housed within Hub & Spoke ensures that clients receive the highest quality service and products.

Hub & Spoke is home to professionals at each stage of home builds and remodels, from the initial stages of choosing flooring, sound systems and organization packages to art and other decor. “ACo, Plumbers Supply and Home & Willow have referred clients to us for artwork,” shared Jill Lehman, Founder and Managing Consultant of High Frequency Arts.

The High Frequency team fills the walls of Hub & Spoke with one-of-a-kind pieces, allowing all who visit the space to get a taste for their offerings. While a client may come in to visit another tenant, they may leave with a piece of unique art they’ve spotted on the Hub & Spoke walls. This partnership between High Frequency Arts and Hub & Spoke provides a way for all visitors to engage with High Frequency’s pieces while making Hub & Spoke a joyful, carefully curated space to visit.

The Hub & Spoke community is one of collaboration and comradery, as it not only gives each tenant an array of products and brands to pull from, but also simplifies and enriches the experience for clients. At the end of the day, providing unmatched customer service is what all Hub & Spoke tenants strive for. Visit the Hub & Spoke Design Center today at 8100 E 106th St. in Fishers.