by Allie Moffett

Sometimes, you don’t find your calling right away, but you’re nudged by experiences and people in your life. Such is the case for Kelli Bastin, realtor at Bond Real Estate Co and influencer.

With a degree in business management from IUPUI, she was ready to dive into the “real world.” Bastin continued her college bartending career following graduation and developed many strong friendships with her clientele. “I think working in the restaurant industry is one of the best things we can do as humans,” said Bastin, “It really shows you how to treat others and build genuine relationships with those you serve.”

At 23, Bastin purchased her first home with funds she made by taking on a flip project. While it was another nine years before she dove into the real estate industry, this was her first taste of it and she was intrigued.

Bastin went on to have a number of outside sales jobs over the years, where relationship building was crucial. When business was slow in her last sales job, the owner suggested trying her hand at real estate because of her outgoing personality and networking skills – and she hasn’t looked back since.

Kelli is a pro at networking, both personally and professionally.

“Years ago, I started a personal blog which turned into a platform to not only post about things I liked, but to share where I was eating and shopping. This allowed me to highlight our local community and bond with people online through that.”

Bastin’s following has grown to over 18,000 on her personal account and nearly 5,000 on her professional account. She has been recognized as the #1 realtor on social media in Indiana four times and only continues to grow with the support of her team at Bond, which focuses on digital promotion and use of social platforms, ads and beautiful marketing.

Remember those subtle nudges? They always pay off in the end. Bastin shared that every year, a number of her clients are friends or regulars she met during her bartending years, and half of her business comes from her social media accounts.

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