by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Executive Homes Partners with McComb Pella to Create an Enjoyable Building Experience

Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to sit down with a builder to design a home that’s perfect for you only to come out way over your desired budget. That’s precisely the type of thing that won’t happen when working with the team at Executive Homes, a boutique builder that’s been around for 27 years.

The first thing Pete Gray, President of Executive Homes, does when he meets with a potential client is ask them questions so he can understand their needs and wants. Based on their discussions, he can define the design parameters for the project including square footage, outdoor living spaces, bedroom and bathroom requirements, as well as features and finishes that will be included in the home.

With that information, he also estimates their price point assuming they stay within the parameters they’ve discussed.

“It’s so simple, yet I don’t know that any other builder does it,” says Gray, who typically builds between eight and ten homes a year so they can maintain efficiency as well as close client relationships throughout the process.

The Executive Homes team consists of Gray, his son, Patrick, field construction manager; Val Whitmer, project coordinator; Andrew Armstrong, estimator; Sandy Dunbar, controller; and Lisa Striewe, office manager. Clients appreciate that it’s easy to catch up with the right person if they have questions or concerns.

Executive Homes, who partners with McGinnis Design Group for the architectural design, is hands-on throughout the design phase. To go from conceptual plans to construction drawings takes roughly four to six weeks. They then send the final plans out for bids with their vendors to ensure they hit the price point that they’ve targeted. In doing so, they create a number of allowances that will be included in the purchase agreement that are based upon actual proposals for the final home design. This insures that the allowances are adequate to complete the job.

The company has worked with many of the same vendors for decades, including Weber Concrete and Robertson Drywall. Another valued and long-time vendor is McComb Pella. The Pella name recognition, alone, is a big plus as clients are assured they are getting quality windows and doors. In addition, Pella’s customer service is stellar.

Despite the supply chain issues that have plagued the construction industry in recent years, McComb Pella rep Ryan Lee keeps everyone in the loop, providing accurate lead times for whatever is needed.

“We’re able to place orders and coordinate them with our schedule because they do such a great job of addressing lead times – and staying on top of me to order things when we need to,” says Gray. “Truly, in every way, they perform.” Another plus is the phenomenal Experience Center that displays various Pella products and options. “There are so many things you can learn by visiting their Experience Center versus flipping through a brochure,” says Gray.

Window style is determined by floor plan; however, doors are a different story. Clients will go to the Experience Center and work directly with Ryan to make door selections, which is a much better experience than getting online and assembling a door system, which can serve to be aggravating and confusing.

“There are so many options for entry doors. Homeowners need to work with a pro, and that’s Ryan. He’s forgotten more about windows and doors than I know!” says Gray with a chuckle. “It’s great having that resource.”

Windows are a huge part of achieving an architectural design. McComb Pella has a broad enough line of windows to insure clients can get whatever they need.

“You’re not restricted like, ‘I’d really love to have windows that look like this, but I can’t,’” says Gray. “They’ve got a very diverse product line, and we’ve always been able to achieve the look we’re shooting for based on architecture.”

When you connect with the teams at Executive Homes and McComb Pella, you can trust that the building experience will be effective and fun – enabling you to design and build the home of your dreams.