by Allie Moffett

Two powerhouse specialty design showrooms are now under the same ownership. RG Décor recently acquired Wicker Works of Brownsburg, Indiana’s leading quality casual furniture store.

The Schrack family – who started Wicker Works in 1984 – was ready to retire, and a third generation was not in place to carry on the business. When RG Décor got a call that Wicker Works was available for purchase, Owner Karen King thought it would perfectly complement RG Décor’s luxury interior design space. In a matter of two weeks, Wicker Works was under contract and work began to move them into a space right next to RG Décor on Indy’s Northside. Kelli Pawlowksi, daughter of the original owners, decided to stay with the company. Karen is excited to work with Kelli, sharing “we think a lot alike when it comes to business.”


We sat down with this design guru duo, Karen & Kelli, respectively, to learn more about this year’s trends for outdoor furniture.

“First, look for the continued trend of fully integrated indoor and outdoor living spaces,” shared Karen. “This includes enclosed verandas and partial gardens, as well as opening up the home to the patio through folding glass doors.”

Kelli added that people are looking for upscale relaxation. They want to feel like they are on vacation when relaxing in their backyard. It’s all about high-quality furniture, outdoor rugs, water features, firepits, and outdoor grilling.

Clients are looking for sustainable furniture. “Consumers are continuing to ask for environmentally friendly furniture,” said Karen. Due to the demand, there is an ever-growing variety of options available in this segment.

Many clients also share that they want American-made pieces. Four of the brands Wicker Work represents are completely made in the United States: Lloyd Flanders (Michigan), Woodard (Michigan), Telescope (New York) and Lane Venture (Alabama).


RG Décor and Wicker Works are focused on having the best brands in their portfolio. When it comes to cost and quality, outdoor furniture typically falls in 3 categories:

  1. CONTAINER FURNITURE This is furniture that is 100% foreign made, mostly in China. The materials are of lesser quality; often, the frames are steel instead of aluminum and clients are given no fabric choices. It’s a “what you see is what you get” option. This is what you can find in most of the big box stores.
  2. FOREIGN FRAMES, AMERICAN-MADE CUSHIONS These brands have their frames produced overseas and then manufacture the cushions here in the States. RG carries several of these lines. They are very durable, give you a wide array of fabric choices, and you can mix and match the pieces to best fit your space.
  3. 100% AMERICAN-MADE FRAMES AND CUSHIONS These brands are incredibly durable, last for decades, and are often as affordable or less expensive than other companies who only make their cushions in the States.


With the latest outdoor trends and the quality of furniture you are looking for in mind, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the space’s primary use? What are your dimensions?
  • Do you have drawings or photos? What colors are already planned for the space?
  • What is your style? How comfy do you want the space?

Armed with answers to those questions, you’re ready to create an outdoor space that will be the envy of the neighborhood and your own personal retreat. Take the next step and connect with the talented, ever helpful design team at RG Décor and Wicker Works.