by Tracy Kemp

When we think of technology we tend to think about our smart phone, kitchen appliances, or perhaps our automated sprinkler system.

But technology doesn’t always mean computers, electronics, or even things we often use in our daily lives. It also consists of the process by which something is created, such as when raw materials and resin are mixed together to make a quartz slab that has the look of natural stone.

“Technology in this industry is growing and processes are improving,” says Kaelyn Van Camp with Stone Mart, which boasts using only the highest quality materials and providing excellent customer service.

So how is something engineered made to look like it came right out of the earth?

It’s a recipe that starts with grinding up quartz and other natural materials, and then adding the right amount of resin. Quantra Quartz, one of the quartz brands Stone Mart carries, uses Breton Technology to ensure their slabs are of the highest quality.

Breton, which has been in the business since the 1960s, uses a unique approach of looking at a problem and finding an innovative and industrial solution.

Making a quality slab of quartz from different ingredients starts with linking the right materials with the right automation. Connecting the dots in that way gives Breton an edge when it comes to testing the required raw materials and designing new-generation equipment.

Once Quantra has done their magic with the slab, Stone Mart houses it in their five warehouses. Customers who visit the warehouse can choose from more than 6,500 slabs of granite, quartzite, dolomite, marble, soapstone, quartz, and porcelain as they envision their new countertops in their new or remodeled home.

“We’ve continued to see consumer interest in quartz increase,” Van Camp says. “That, paired with technological advancements, makes us excited to see what will be coming next.”

Whether you’re leaning towards engineered material or looking for the perfect natural stone for your space, Van Camp says we should simply “start at Stone Mart.” Learn more at or visit their Indianapolis showroom at 8215 Zionsville Road.