by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by 360 Tours

Sometimes when building a house, plans change. The same is true in life. In college, Hilari Goris studied architecture because she dreamed of designing houses. During her time at Ball State University, however, she developed a passion for interior design, so she switched majors.

“It was great because I was still able to work with house plans, learn how to frame walls, and do small things with electrical and plumbing, but I could also make the house pretty in the end,” says Goris, owner and principal designer of Hilari Goris Designs.

Goris works with a number of builders in the Indy area, and for the past ten years has regularly teamed up with Joe Garcia of G&G Custom Homes. She couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with such a talented, dedicated and inspired professional. The pair recently joined forces to build a dream home in Zionsville’s Holliday Farms.

“I love mixing classic design styles with modern elements, blending homey with trendy, and this house does that beautifully,” says Goris. “It includes trends but also a traditional painted brick and limestone exterior. It has wood cabinets and iron railings but then a Kelly Wearstler modern wallpaper mural.”

Speaking of trends, the biggest one is omnipresent textures, whether it’s adding wood slats, tiling accent walls, incorporating trim to walls, or hanging wallpaper everywhere!

“The fabrics are even getting more texture, making it more interesting to touch,” says Goris.

Even when selecting stone slabs for counters, Goris is seeing a lot more waterfall edges on countertops, wrapping fireplaces in stone, and full height backsplashes.

“It’s all about covering up more of the drywall,” says Goris.

Curves are another popular trend in everything from cabinetry and windows to walkways and furniture.

“Softer edges are everywhere,” says Goris. “I’m even adding more rounded fluting to things like inside cabinet details. You see curved sofas and chairs everywhere you turn now!”

Several years ago, building craftsman style homes in Indiana was all the rage. Following that, it was modern farmhouses. Now, however, builders are getting away from doing the same house over and over, which thrills Goris.

“We’re sprinkling in different styles. For instance, we just got done with a Mediterranean and now we’re working on a French contemporary as well as one that’s more of a Colorado lodge,” says Goris. “I love that Indiana is starting to branch out more. It keeps things from getting stale.”

The homeowners in Holliday Farms clearly articulated their likes and dislikes to Goris, but they were also always open to suggestions from her and Garcia.

“When you keep an open mind and don’t play it safe 100% of the time, the result can be incredible,” says Goris, who has found that clients appreciate hearing a female’s point of view. They also feel comfortable asking her any and all questions because of the rapport they have built throughout the process.

“I become their person on the job site because I’ve been with these clients since the beginning as they made all of their selections. On cabinets alone, we have four meetings!” says Goris, who has been asked about everything from roof pitches and windows, to framing and plumbing.

When you are considering building in Central Indiana, consider starting with a stellar design and build team. G&G Custom Homes and Hilari Goris Designs will team up with you, guiding you through the process of creating your vision and building it from the ground up. Connect today to start a conversation at or