by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Indiana Sky Pics

We all want to find our passion in life, and for some lucky individuals, they stumble upon that passion early on. Such was the case for Dave Sego; he began working in the construction industry as a tradesman, following in his dad’s footsteps, who was a mason. In 1988, he started Dave Sego Builders, Inc.

Around this same time, Barry Gorman was working alongside his father as a trim carpenter. He did that for 20 years before joining Sego’s team in 2011 as the Production Manager. Three others round out the five-person team that prides themselves on being attentive, creative, honest, and skillful.

“We’re small, and we like it that way,” says Gorman. They purposefully want to avoid growing too big because they prefer building between 8 and 12 homes a year to maintain a manageable workload. Plus, doing so enables them to get to know their clients well.

“We spend so much time with them throughout the process that we always miss them after we close,” says Gorman.

The team uses CoConstruct to make the building process more seamless for all involved. Clients get a login, and all the quotes and the vendor info is at their fingertips on the mobile app. Throughout the process, homeowners can log into their app and track the progression of how things are going.

“Gone are the days that you, as a homeowner, feel like you have to show up every day to the homesite to check on what’s happening,” says Gorman. “It’s all cloud-based, and financials are updated regularly so you always know where you stand.”

For years, Dave Sego Builders has been using McComb Pella windows because Pella produces quality products and a vast selection. “Pella has way more options than any other window manufacturer that I know of,” says Gorman, who loves being able to send their clients to Pella’s showroom off 96th Street where they meet with Jay Ammon, Pella’s sales associate, to help them with selections.

“That showroom is helpful for people to see what they are buying,” says Gorman. “Plus, they can see for themselves unique and luxury products like blinds between the glass.”

It’s hard to pick a favorite product, but Gorman loves the oversized high direct set windows that extend down to the floor as they bring in massive amounts of natural light, not to mention provide a phenomenal view. He also likes the Reserve Series Multi-panel pocket door, which, when open, leaves a 16-ft. clear opening.

“We just completed a home with Lifestyle series Quad sliding doors, front and back, which provides incredible light and cross-breeze to the great room,” says Gorman, who appreciates the Pella team’s attention to detail and stellar professionalism. He recalls a time when a former client called to say that her son had shot out a window with a BB gun.

“She was like, ‘Can you help me out?’” says Gorman. “Although the window had been installed 20 years earlier, I called Pella, and Jay was able to pull the file and send out the part, without ever even doing a site visit.”

Dave Sego Builders and McComb Pella are always here to help you out with all your homebuilding needs. Connect with them today to start designing a picture-perfect home that fuels your passion.