by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by 360 Tours

During the height of the pandemic, when folks were stuck at home, many homeowners took stock of things they would like to change, either through a renovation project or the next time they built a house. Unfortunately, COVID caused havoc with the supply chain, and for two years companies like Ferguson were unable to display the latest and greatest products in their showroom. Thankfully, that has all changed!

“Coming out of that time period, we have focused on really touching and updating every corner of our showroom,” says Jeremy Konechne, Indiana Area Residential Sales Manager at Ferguson.

They have refurbished and updated both of their “working kitchens” on the floor. They utilize these kitchens to hold quarterly events as well as various cooking demonstrations throughout the year. These kitchens include four appliance vendors, and all products are “live,” which means that customers are welcome to come in and use them in order to test out the package they are purchasing.

“People will pop in with their cookie dough and a cookie sheet and test out a Wolf oven,” says Konechne. “With appliances becoming more technical, it’s good for customers to be able to touch and feel appliances because otherwise you’ll get something installed and then realize that you don’t like the controls. There’s not much you can do about it at that point.”

Ferguson is adding more style vignettes into the showroom than they have had in the past. For example, there will be two vignettes of just a bathroom wall – a completed wall with a sink, toilet, accessories, and lighting – and then an inspiration wall for customers to get a full picture of what a product looks like.

Ferguson, this year’s platinum sponsor of the inaugural Women Build It conference, is also adding more contemporary and modern lighting to the floor of their showroom – particularly larger fixtures and multi-pendant fixtures, both of which are trending.

In addition, they are getting ready to add a 2,500 sq. ft. complete cabinetry selection center to the showroom, which will have the latest programming to give customers a highly realistic image of what their kitchen will look like.

“With that 20/20 programming, it almost looks like a picture,” says Konechne. “This will enable us to sit down with the client and show them the finalized lifelike product. We can download the countertops you’re using, select whatever lighting you’ve chosen, and really give you the full view of what your new kitchen or bathroom will look like.”

If you’re eager to check out all the new lighting, cabinetry, kitchen, and bathroom options, stop by Ferguson’s newly renovated showroom today. And bring your cookie dough with you! Browsing and baking in the same trip – you can’t beat that! Plus, you’ll head home with freshly baked goodies. That’s a win/win!