by Katie Mientka | photos by Dave Pluimer

Top 2023 Kitchen Trends

The past several years have brought a focus on making our homes work to suit our individual needs. Kitchen trends in 2023 maintain that course, utilizing form and function to create a fabulous space perfectly suited to you.


Natural wood never really goes out of style… but the look – and versatility – is coming back into prominence in a big way. It’s all about finding the right tones and shades to complement a modern, dynamic design. Today, we are seeing a trend towards softer light-to-medium tones that emphasize the beauty of the wood, as well as simpler, cleaner lines.


Keeping your appliances hidden away from view for clutter-free counters helps keep your kitchen feeling clean and organized. With some clever tricks during your build or remodel, you can store gadgets and gizmos you use often but don’t want on display. Your toaster, microwave, blender, coffee maker, bean grinder, air fryer, and other must-haves are housed in a second/prep kitchen, pantry, or discrete appliance garage.


Mixed materials and textures can be strategically integrated to create a design that prioritizes both form and function. Mixing up your methods can also help distinguish different “zones” in an open concept kitchen. For example, use a durable workhorse like quartz for high-use prep and cooking areas because they are easy to clean and resistant to heat and scratches, while opting for a beautiful natural wood island surface for casual dining.

Mix metal, stone, wood, and glass with an eye towards functionality, practicality, convenience, and ease. This boosts your “wow” factor by adding visual interest and a style that is at once unexpected and completely cohesive.


The island has made itself quite at home over the decades, and it is not going anywhere! At the same time, you can take steps to increase both its functionality and its fabulousness. Consider:

  • A Layered Island Instead of a single surface, a layered island features different tiers. Typically, there is one level for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mixing and a second tier for seating and eating.
  • Two Separate Islands Sometimes, more is more! Having two separate and completely functional islands is a terrific way to establish seamless traffic patterns in large kitchens. Two islands allow more than one person to work more effectively. Another big benefit is increasing prep and storage space. You could also integrate handy appliances, like wine fridges or warming drawers, more easily. Some recommend having one island for “work” and one for socializing, gathering, and eating, and we love this idea.


What’s more fitting on an island than a waterfall! In this case, it is the effect created when the countertop does not simply cover the island’s top but flows down to the floor. This cascading effect provides clean, elegant lines and gorgeous appeal. This style works well in modern and contemporary designs and can make your island into a true showstopper.


The right flooring is one that delivers the durability and usability you need for your space, while giving you the opportunity to add tremendous style and personality. We love large format tile, colored tile, wide plank hardwood and luxury vinyl plank, and high contrast wood grain varieties that tie your cabinetry, furnishings, and accents together in an impactful way.


2023 kitchen trends provide great inspiration – and they may resonate with you. Find more inspiration or connect with ACo’s design experts at