by Tracy Kemp | photos by Jackson Horner

The “X” factor. We’re all searching for it but how do we find it?

Tiffany Dearman, Founder and CEO of X Factor Coaching, has the answer!

Dearman, who has spent the past 25 years successfully selling real estate and coaching and training real estate professionals in both resale and new construction, has designed a coaching program that pushes sales professionals beyond their highest potential.

This seven-week, bootcamp style course offers a hybrid of online videos and weekly live, virtual question-and answer-sessions for builder teams and realtors who want to learn how to sell the way buyers want to buy. Learning starts with role-playing. Dearman roleplays each stage of the process and provides coaching feedback as her clients do the same. Individualized scoring helps participants understand what their strengths and weaknesses are, which is what we all need to know to discover that “X” factor within ourselves.

Dearman also helps support sales organizations in building a complete platform of excellence. Currently Hallmark Homes, a 30-year custom builder, has hired X Factor Coaching to assist them in successfully launching their first neighborhood build. By assisting with targeted sales and marketing programs, defining the strategic brand position and coaching the sales team on the best way to engage clients, Dearman is providing Hallmark the support they need to make a smooth transition and build strong sales momentum.

Hallmark is excited to be moving dirt for their August grand opening at Jackson Run in Whitestown.

In addition to sales coaching and brand positioning, Dearman has a passion for helping bridge the gap between builders and real estate professionals. Dearman’s C.O.R.E. realtor program, Cultivating Outstanding Realtor Experiences, is designed to bring significant value to the realtor-builder partnership.

X Factor Coaching also offers a train-the-trainer program because Dearman, whose X factor is her high energy, says her goal is to revolutionize the real estate industry by increasing the minimum standard of competency for engaging clients and earning the right to ask for the sale. Her coaching program is based on her work as a Sales Trainer, where she led one of the most successful new home sales teams in the nation to unprecedented results year over year.

So, are you a high performer ready to take it to the next level? Contact Dearman at X Factor Coaching today. Be the X factor in your business!