by Allie Moffett

It’s hard to find reliable and truly skilled craftspeople these days. When searching for recommendations, you’re likely bombarded with unreliable ads. How do you know who to trust? With Flatmade Concrete, the work speaks for itself. In 2022, Flatmade…

Laid over 2,400 cubic yards of concrete

Tackled 92 concrete projects

Installed 34 new home, custom exteriors

Supported 21 local businesses

Brought 20+ renovation dreams to life

Partnered with 9 home builders

Dove into 8 custom pool deck projects

Assisted 6 local landscapers

Signed on with 2 new home builders

The team accomplished all of this with zero insurance claims and zero serious injuries.

This year has been yet another busy one for the team, and it only continues to pick up speed as the weather improves. It’s clear that central Indiana homeowners are excited to invest in their outdoor spaces and know that Flatmade will make their vision a reality.

When the world gets too noisy and it’s hard to know who to trust with your home, look to tried-and-true professionals like Flatmade Concrete.