by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Steven R. Van Beck

Some may say that perfection is overrated, but Karl Lundberg, owner of Luminocity, disagrees. A former Marine, Lundberg’s passion for perfection and intense attention to detail is unwavering; the result, is, well, illuminating. As Central Indiana’s lighting expert, Luminocity offers professional architectural, security, and landscape lighting that truly transforms a space.

“We only settle for doing perfect work when we install for someone,” says Lundberg, who regularly receives the Angie Super Service Award that recognizes professionals who exemplify quality, service and value to their customers.

Lundberg listens to his clients to learn of their interests and how they use their property so he can determine what areas to light up. He also asks questions to uncover things that have special meaning for the homeowner. Ultimately, he may spotlight a tree, sculpture, pillar, or some other architectural feature.

With every placement of light, he seeks to understand the “viewing perspective” of the homeowner. Are they going to be on their paver patio, sitting by the pool, relaxing by the firepit?

“Whatever your eyes land upon – that’s where we place the light,” says Lundberg.

The lighting design in the front of a house is much different than in the back. From the front, you want your property to look stately and elegant, yet welcoming.

“When you approach your driveway, you should feel like your house is giving you a warm hug,” says Lundberg. This is achieved with warm illumination.

The backyard should be a sanctuary that’s relaxing and inviting.

“Whether it’s a starry 75-degree night or rainy and nasty, if the lighting’s done right, it still looks beautiful,” says Lundberg, who incorporates both uplighting and downlighting in his designs.

“Sometimes, uplighting a tree can have the effect of a rocket taking off,” he explains. “Downlighting can add charm to the space beneath, pulling things together to achieve a dramatic lighting effect. If you’re really good, you feel the effect of the light but don’t see the source of the light.”

Think of Lundberg as “the light whisperer.”

Lundberg strives to always find the right placement for every light, ensuring the fixture is exactly where it’s best served. If you are looking for the perfect way to light up your outdoor landscape, connect with Luminocity at