by Christy Heitger-Ewing | photos by Adam Gibson Photography

C&J Well Co. Provides Central Indiana Hoosiers with Clean Drinking Water Through Innovation and Hard Work.

There is so much in life we take for granted, not the least of which is fresh water and the ease at which we can access it. Gone are the days of walking outside and pumping the cistern to fill a bucket with H² 0. Now we simply turn on the faucet, and clean, delicious, refreshing water flows out.

C&J Well Co., Central Indiana’s premier drilling, water treatment, and full-service well contractor, is innovating the industry by introducing new trucks, techniques, equipment, and services. They are dedicated to providing this clean, delicious, refreshing water to Hoosiers.

C&J Well Co. has continuously led the way in water well innovation. It was one of the first companies in Central Indiana to provide well water homeowners with city water pressure using a Grundfos constant pressure pump system. Since the late nineties, they have been installing this Grundfos system that regulates the pressure and keeps it consistent.

“One of the main complaints we hear from people with well water is that the water pressure is poor,” says Isaac Evans, marketing coordinator for C&J Well Co. “The Grundfos system constantly regulates the pressure throughout the home.”

C&J also has an innovative solution for Hoosiers in areas where it can be difficult to drill a high-yield well – a bucket well drill rig. This rig cuts a 36-inch swath out of the ground, making more room for water storage. What you lose in production, you make up in storage, so it’s the same practical effect.

C&J also uses high-tech Versa-Drill rigs made right here in Indianapolis, including a new truck called the V-12, which is smaller than the traditional drill rig. The V-12 is about the size of a regular service truck but can do almost everything a conventional drill rig can do. Even if a homeowner has a small space, C&J can get in and do the job. This is especially helpful for the booming geothermal HVAC industry. Even if you have a small lot, C&J can use the new V-12 to drill your vertical geothermal loops.

Plus, they have a new vacuum trailer for hydro-excavation, enabling them to do work safely without messing up underground utilities, septic, or anything else delicate. “That’s a rare thing in the private well service industry – we are committed to safe excavation,” says Evans.

Unfortunately, some companies operate without proper licensing, an issue that can lead to cascading problems. That’s not the case at C&J Well Co., where their well drillers and pump technicians are state-licensed.

Another service they offer is City Water Connect –connections to city water using horizontal boring (directional drill) technology. If you have a water well and city water service enters your area, C&J can hook up your home. Again, to do so, a company needs to be licensed and bonded in whichever city you live, but C&J has filed paperwork all over Central Indiana to make city water connections.

In addition, they have a separate water treatment company, c and j water, that solves all the common well water problems – iron and rust, sulfur or rotten egg smells, hard water, and more. They have it covered from water softeners to reverse osmosis drinking water systems – and their treatment equipment installers and technicians are WQA certified.

“From the time the water is in the ground until it gets to your faucet, we handle all of it,” says Evans. “And we provide quality water. It’s not like, ‘Here you go! Hope you like rusty-orange water that tastes like sulfur.’ We treat it correctly.”

C&J Well Co. offers a ten-year warranty on almost all products and services and a limited lifetime warranty on their Grundfos pumps with scheduled preventive maintenance. The idea is you never have to buy a pump again – it all goes back to maintaining accountability and building value for their clients.

C&J Well Co. has a true passion for providing clean water to people, so it’s no surprise that they also want to do their part in delivering it outside the United States.

Several years ago, C&J began partnering with Faith Children’s Village, an orphanage in Zambia, Africa, with roughly 100 children. They provide access to clean water, education, and other essential items for students’ success.

Furthermore, they have partnered with Filter of Hope. “It’s a tiny filter about the size of a coffee mug, and it’s the same technology as kidney dialysis. In their demonstration, Filter of Hope came into our office with a mud-filled water cup, ran it through this filter, and it’s crystal clear.” These systems provide up to 250 gallons of clean water daily, lasting up to ten years, with little maintenance. For every water softener c and j water sells, they donate a water filter to impoverished families in places like Thailand, Honduras, or Costa Rica.

The teams at C&J Well Co. and c and j water are eager to serve your well and city water needs. Call them today to learn more about their services and get the best water possible for your home.