by Allie Moffett

“Communication is key.” It’s true in all relationships – between friends, family, and business partners. Ryan Geltz of Pro Security & Automation has witnessed the impact that poor communication and unreliable partnerships can have on a project.

“Our team has taken over jobs that another smart home company started, and the only breakdown of their work is a line item stating ‘installed security system,’” Geltz explained. “Not only does this make my team’s job more difficult, but it leaves the builder and homeowner in the dark.”

To avoid confusion, Pro Security preps line items for every task completed and provides a blueprint of their work for both the builder and homeowner to view. The team has gone as far as structuring their process in four phases to mirror the building process, further streamlining each step for all parties. Geltz believes his team has a heightened understanding of the building process thanks to the relationships they’ve fostered in the BAGI community.

Prospective building partners, or “SmartBuilders,” may believe this level of service only comes with a hefty price tag. In reality, Pro Security offers the same high-quality products as competing smart home companies at a lower cost. How do they do it?

“One way we lower costs is by offering pre-engineered packages that fit most homes that we’re then able to adapt. This helps streamline the process because we know how our items work together.” Geltz added: “It’s like the car assembly line – you’re building the same base with some upgrades here and there. It becomes less expensive because of how our business model works.”

By working directly with builders, the team also spends very little on marketing to attract new customers for every project. Working with one builder on ten homes is more worthwhile for the Pro Security team and in turn, for the builder and homeowners.

Not only can Pro Security’s SmartBuilders offer their clients lower smart home technology rates, but they also receive priority scheduling and can test the technology in their own homes (at a discount) before recommending it to clients. A few of Pro Security’s SmartBuilders are Compendium Group, Rise Builders, Capital Custom Homes, and Whicker Construction. In the last year alone, Pro Security has worked with 15+ local builders to build smarter homes, with this list continuing to grow.

Contact Ryan Geltz or visit to learn more about the SmartBuilder partner program